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A Message from the President

Ricardo Award 22-23 President

By: Ricardo Hicks | Jun 14, 2022

It’s amazing to see what is happening in our chapter. We had an amazing GMID experience, sharing the day with AENC and other organizations. I have surely made “Purposeful Connections” this year and I feel like others have done the same.  

We are seeing record attendance at conferences and events. Collaboration is in full effect as we are working with talent that is new to venues and at times new to the industry. As things are coming at us like an avalanche, I encourage you not to be quick to complain, as it is a tremendous blessing to be able to work again for many of us.  

It has been a tremendous honor serving this chapter during this time. We have a hard working group of board members that have helped to move us forward. A special shout out to The Management Office, who makes magic happen for us every year! Thank you to all of our sponsors and all of our membership that have made this a comeback year for us!  

“Gratefulness,” is the word that I will leave with you! Because we are here and we will thrive this coming year.  



ricardo hicks cropped
Ricardo Hicks
Tech Factory Productions

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