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Trends with Benefits: How To Train Your Onsite Staff to Lead

Sasha Sook, CMP | May 4, 2017
As Sales Professionals we bring in the business based on the onsite team’s performance and interaction with our clients. Attendees are what keeps meetings coming back and builds loyalty to a venue. It is essential to have the leadership skills to train your onsite staff and give them the confidence to make decisions that will elevate the client experience.

What You Need to Know About Hosting a Multi-City Conference

Mitra Sorrells courtesy of Biz Bash | May 2, 2017
Each year, the Meeting Design Institute in Belgium hosts the Fresh Conference, a conference for planners focused on the latest trends and tools for effective meetings and events. This year organizers tried a new format for the two-day event. Rather than gathering in one location, they selected five cities—London, Lisbon (Portugal), Brussels (Belgium), the Hague (the Netherlands), and Torun (Poland)—to host attendees that experienced the program simultaneously via technology.

Hero Habits: How to Avoid being a Villain at Work

Michael ‘Hahndo’ Hahn, Author & Keynote Speaker | May 2, 2017
Remember the last time a client request put you over the edge. It was just a little thing, but you said something you shouldn’t have or you reacted in a way that just wasn’t you. Why did it happen? How can you avoid feeling the regret? I asked myself that same question and I ended up writing Hero Habits: The Guide to Surviving THRIVING in Corporate America and in Life.

Do you really need to send the RFP to 10 destinations?

Rachael Riggs, CMP | May 2, 2017
In the previous articles we talked about vision and goals of a meeting and sourcing for new innovations. Now we are considering the destinations and where to send the RFP.

MPI-CAC Member Referral Contest

MPI CAC | May 2, 2017
The MPI Chicago Area Chapter member to recruit the most new members from May 1 – June 30, 2017 will win a fabulous downtown Chicago weekend package.

Instagram in Meetings

Soraya Herbert, DAHLIA+ | Apr 18, 2017
A picture is worth a thousand words… Using Instagram in meetings is a great way to encourage networking, soliciting feedback and creating a buzz around the meeting. Instagram is a powerful tool to visually attract potential attendees to come to your next event, but it only works if you know how to use it. From the planning stage, to the execution, to after the event; the way you use Instagram can make or break your next event.

Ask the Expert – Golf Events

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Apr 18, 2017
Ever wondered what to do at a Golf Scramble? Here are some questions and answers on how to attend that may help you plan a golf event also.

Global Meetings Industry Day

Rachael Riggs, CMP | Apr 18, 2017

Ask the Expert: Have you ever wondered what drives a Professional Friendship

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Mar 21, 2017
Professional friends, is that even possible and do they mix? Or in reality is this mentoring? Young or old, new or veteran to the industry, we all can learn from each other. Friendship through mentoring is an important part of our industry.

Trends with Benefits: Philanthropy

Sasha Sook, CMP | Mar 21, 2017
Meeting Professionals International (MPI) members are giving of their time and money to many different organizations. These generous people are inspiring others to give back. MPI is full of passionate people wanting to get involved. I am always interested in ways I can give back so I interviewed the owner of our company Louise Silberman who is involved in so many different organizations to help get myself and hopefully others started.

Sourcing with Innovation

Rachael Riggs, CMP | Mar 21, 2017
We started by exploring the vision and goals and now we are going to dive into innovation with Question #2. What innovations do you want to bring to this meeting?

Sourcing Technology

Rachael Riggs, CMP | Mar 7, 2017
Question #1 – What is the vision of the program and what are the goals of the meeting? There is no doubt, that this can be a hard or easy question to answer depending on who you are planning the meeting for and with.

The Truth Behind “I Love the Business, But I Am Lonely”

Jeff Durocher, US Poker & Casino Parties | Mar 7, 2017
Our industry is filled with people, vendors, attendees, clients and friends, the best of the best. However after a discussion with a professional friend, I realized that even when surrounded by people every day, an event professional life can be lonely and how important the MPI community was to not only professional, but personal growth.

Trends with Benefits: Entrepreneurship

Sasha Sook, CMP | Mar 7, 2017
Many studies show that while Millennials are a generation of entrepreneurs, Gen Z will be even more entrepreneurial than any other cohort. This is a shift from the typical 9-5 at a corporate company to people wanting to work for themselves, create their own hours and even work remotely from anywhere in the world.

One Word Stories at MPI-CAC Winter Knowledge Share

Jeff Durocher, US Poker & Casino Parties | Feb 21, 2017
The MPI-CAC Winter Knowledge Share took place on February 8th at the iconic Second City-Up Comedy Club located at the corner of North and Wells. Over 100 event professionals attended the sold out event, which was expertly coordinated by the MPI Education committee led by Brooke Weidman from W Hotels and Lindsay Woike from American College of Healthcare Executives.

Engagement at NEXT2017

Jeff Durocher, US Poker & Casino Parties | Feb 21, 2017
Be sure to stop by Roger Haskett’s talk “Create Engagement’ at the upcoming NEXT2017 MPI event in Chicago. Roger has a passion for helping people find and act on engagement. Be ready for a fun filled session that incorporates music, games, trivia and more to meet his promise that ‘it will be a blast!’

Ask the Expert - Measuring Success of Your Meeting

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Feb 21, 2017
​Question: If we have engaged our staff more in the conference as you have suggested in the previous question how do I keep the momentum up during the year and make our event more or as successful the next year?

Trends with Benefits: Acronyms

Sasha Sook, CMP | Feb 9, 2017
JFK (Just For Kicks), I wanted to write an article for MPI (Meeting Professionals International) about popular slang words and acronyms. AFAIK (As Far As I know) many people don’t know what a lot of these words mean. I also included some industry terms in case the slang terms are not of interest. I am hoping you at least understand the Millennials in your office and don’t open the articles that say NSFW (Not Safe For Work). LOL (Laughed Out Loud)

Two Factors You’re Forgetting When You Plan Your Event

Julia-Kaye Rohlf, RGB Lights | Feb 8, 2017
Chances are that you can picture the event you are planning in your mind before the first vendor calls you back with pricing. Whether the event is a wedding, small outdoor concert, or a corporate meeting, you can visualize the ideal experience for the guests and how you want everything laid out at the venue.

Ask the Expert – Inclement Weather

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Jan 28, 2017
Question: We recently went through some rather severe weather. How should we manage our operations when it is not safe for people to be outside and travel to work?

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