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Jan Pollard Award (JPA) for Professional Growth


janpollardWhat is the JPA Scholarship?

JPA (Jan Pollard Award) funds provide financial assistance to MPI Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Members seeking educational opportunities to advance their professional careers. In 1998, the Award was named in memorial to Jan Pollard, a beloved and active member of our chapter who passed away unexpectedly.

JPA Scholarships provide MPI Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter members with financial assistance of up to $350, within each chapter fiscal year (July 1st- June 30th), to further their professional growth. There are also some special $750 Grants available to assist members who wish to attend the MPI World Education Congress (WEC), Meet Different, previously MPI Professional Education Conference (PEC), CIC Conclave or the Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) Program. JPA funds are generated from our silent auction and donations. The JPA Scholarship program is exclusively offered through the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter to its members.


Who Is Eligible For The JPA Scholarship?

Any MPI Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter member in good standing, which means one has been an MPI member for the past twelve consecutive months; has attended a minimum of four MPI Dallas/Fort Worth monthly Chapter meetings within the past twelve months; and has no other MPI financial subsidies, outstanding commitments, or monies owed to MPI and/or the MPI Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter. Additional criteria are required for the $750 WEC, PEC, CIC Conclave and CMM Grants.


What Activities Qualify For JPA Funds?

Educational activities aiding the professional growth of a member qualifies for JPA funds. Examples include MPI Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter or International educational programs, CMP Study Sessions, the Professional Education Conference (PEC), the World Educational Congress (WEC), CIC Conclave, CMP and CMM Certification. From time to time additional educational programs may become eligible, will be announced upon their selection by the JPA Scholarship Committee. Travel expenses and MPI membership are not reimbursable through this scholarship program.


How To Apply For The JPA Scholarship Funds? And How Are JPA Funds Distributed?

JPA Scholarship Application: CLICK HERE

Applications are accepted up to 10 days prior to the specific event for which the request is made.  All applications will be forwarded to the current Chair of The JPA Scholarship Review Committee for review. Upon approval, applicant will receive an approval letter from the VP of Finance and Sponsorships. Scholarship Applications must be pre-approved by the JPA Scholarship Review Committee for a specific educational program. No reimbursements will be approved AFTER the event. Scholarship money is awarded based on selected criteria established by the JPA Scholarship Committee and availability of funds.


How Can I Serve On The JPA Committee?

Becoming a member of this committee is very rewarding and is one of the best ways to network with the MPI Dallas/Fort Worth members. There are two sub-committees: Operations and Scholarship Review. The Review Committee is responsible for the development of selection criteria and the processing and approval of applications. The Operations Committee is responsible for selling prize-drawing tickets at the monthly chapter meetings to members and guests and soliciting prize drawings.

To join the JPA Committee or for more information, please contact the Chapter VP of Finance at vpfinance@mpidfw.org


Can I donate to the silent auction fundraiser?

Of course you can. Please complete the donation form (HERE)

If you have any questions, please contact the Chapter VP of Finance at vpfinance@mpidfw.org



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