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MPI Minnesota July 2023 President's Message

By: Savannah Fargen, Senior Sales Account Executive, Meet Minneapolis | Jul 24, 2023

Do you ever think about the impact that your work makes? I mean, really think about the importance of

what you do and the effect that it has on those around you. How are you making a difference?

This past June, I headed down to Riviera Maya, Mexico, along with 1,400+ of my industry colleagues, to
attend MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC). This is an event that I look forward to each year because
it is an opportunity to connect with likeminded people in order to learn and grow. As we were sitting in
the opening general session – and giving thanks for the air conditioning and all its cold glory – Paul Van
Deventer said the words that give me goosebumps every time I hear them, “when we meet, we change

the world”.

So, how do we change the world exactly?

In my day job, we talk a lot about economic impact. Each meeting and event has an anticipated dollar
attached to it based on the number of attendees, room nights, etc. As I’m sure everyone knows, unless
you were completely detached from social media, radio, TV and any form of communication the
weekend of June 23-24, Taylor Swift recently held a concert in Minneapolis. At the same time, the
City was also hosting their annual Twin Cities Pride Festival, as well as a major convention, welcoming in
an expected half a million people. This convergence of events led to bustling restaurants, full hotels,
shopping, utilization of local transportation and overall support to local businesses, boosting the

economy and putting Minneapolis front-and-center – an impact in itself.

As for the attendees, it can be argued the impact was even greater, it was a memory. A moment to
escape and explore something new. To leave the daily norm and engage in new adventures, try new

foods, meet new people and spend time in a place they may not otherwise have visited.

As an event planner, this is where I believe our real impact lies. Each time you source and book business
you have the power to make that same impact – creating jobs, generating revenue and sustaining the
hospitality industry but also by leaving lasting impressions on those that attend these events. People’s
worldviews and perspectives can change from one strong keynote speaker. An attendee may meet the
love of their life or create lifelong friendships – I should know, I met my husband through a networking


We have the opportunity to not only impact our hospitality industry and the people within that
structure, but to change the trajectory of someone’s life. This is how we can change the world.


Savannah Fargen, Senior Sales Account Executive, Meet Minneapolis
Senior Sales Account Executive at Meet Minneapolis

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