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Student Network

Students are the future of MPI! Discover the resources MPI has for you. 


The MPI Minnesota Chapter is your local connection to the global hospitality community.


As you explore the hospitality industry, you will find jobs at:

  • meeting, conference, and event management
  • convention and visitors bureaus
  • chambers of commerce
  • offices of tourism
  • hotels and resorts
  • casinos
  • meeting and tradeshow service organizations
  • travel agencies
  • marketing and public relations firms
  • and many, many more

The MPI Minnesota Chapter is a great place to begin researching your options. MPI is a professional organization whose vision is to “Build a rich global meeting industry community”. MPI Minnesota Chapter members are in every area of the meeting industry. Through the presentations at monthly meetings, monthly newsletters, and various other chapter activities, you will have the opportunity to speak, network with and learn from a variety of professionals from your field of choice.

The MPI Minnesota Chapter offers a comprehensive mentorship program to its members. Hands-on experience through mentoring, job shadowing, informational interviews, internships and networking opportunities are all available at the MPI Minnesota Chapter. Integrate MPI Minnesota Chapter into your career journey. Get involved, join a committee and stay involved. At the MPI Minnesota Chapter, we’re building the industry forward!

Take a minute to explore the website and look into how MPI membership will benefit you!

Click here to submit a question to the Student Membership sub-committee.

Student membership fees are just $40 annually. We subsidize the student membership fee because, like you, we believe in your future.

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The scholarship application form can be found here.


Find out more about the industry and company you may want to work for by requesting an informational interview with a representative of that company.

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Bring the MPI Minnesota Chapter to your student club! This is professional connectivity and networking at its best.


What can we do for your club?
MPI Minnesota Chapter members are committed to your success in the industry, and the Student Membership sub-committee is your link to industry resources. Post your club’s meetings on the Facebook group calendar to increase your visibility and invite MPI Minnesota Chapter members to your meetings. Need programming assistance? The MPI Minnesota Chapter can provide invited speakers, tours, and more. Contact us!

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Build your network to enhance your knowledge base and job opportunities. Attend monthly MPI Minnesota Chapter meetings. Use our online tools to network with fellow professionals and students. Announce upcoming events, social activities, and educational opportunities to others within this innovative network.

Participate in MPI Minnesota Chapter’s online networking opportunities: LinkedIn and Facebook.

Meeting planners, the MPI Minnesota Chapter provides resources to help you earn valuable certifications:

  • Certification Meeting Planning (CMP)
  • Global Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)

Click here to learn how you can earn these certifications and what they can do for your career.

Below is a list of definitions for the most prominent certifications in the industry.


  • CMP – The Convention Industry Council’s Certified Meeting Professional designation is the most widely recognized in the industry. Started in 1985, meeting professionals (planners and suppliers) who have earned the CMP credential now number 11,269 in 27 countries. Candidates must have three years’ experience and a full-time job in the industry; accrue a minimum number of points based on the scope of their responsibilities, education, professional contributions, and so on; and pass a written exam.
  • CMM – For meeting professionals (planners and suppliers) with at least 10 years’ experience, Meeting Professionals International offers a Global Certification for Meeting Management program focusing on strategic issues and executive decision making. Applicants must be accepted into the program and attend a five-day residency, after which they take an online exam and write a strategic business plan for either a new venture or their department.
  • CITE – The Society of Incentive & Travel Executives (SITE) launched its Certified Incentive Travel Executive certification program in 1980 to recognize high achievement in the field. Opened to non-SITE members in 2005, the designation requires incentive professionals to have a certain level of experience and involvement with SITE, work with a SITE member mentor, pass a three-hour written exam, and write a 3,000-word research paper.
  • CSEP – The International Special Events Society (ISES) established the Certified Special Event Professional designation in 1983 to recognize competence and experience in the special event field. The requirements include an exam and portfolio review. Twice yearly exam dates coincide with the Special Event Show and ISES EventWorld.
  • DMCP – The Destination Management Certified Professional designation, established in 2001 by the Association of Destination Management Executives, is awarded to those who demonstrate expertise, experience, and ethical awareness in destination management. The first exams were held in 2002.
  • CDME – The Destination Marketing Association International, in conjunction with Purdue University, has a program through which convention bureau executives earn a CDME designation (Certified Destination Management Executive).
  • SMMC – The Strategic Meetings Management Certification is a new professional development certification program from the Global Business Travel Association. SMMC is the only industry certificate focused on the theory and practice of strategic meetings management. The SMMC program was launched in November 2009. The program consists of two Core Weeks and three elective classes. The SMMC will drive further development of accepted best practices; lead to creative new “next-practices” thinking; and create a designation to indicate that graduates are leaders in SMM, prepared to deliver value to their companies, customers, and supply chain partners.


The MPI Minnesota Chapter offers comprehensive resources for you to augment your hospitality curriculum. We know that students are the future of the hospitality community and will work with you to build our industry forward. Click here to let us know how MPI Minnesota Chapter members can help you.

How can we partner with you to set your students for success? MPI Minnesota Chapter Student Membership sub-committee members are dedicated to the success of your students. What’s more, MPI Minnesota Chapter members are committed to working with students and enthusiastic about participating in projects you assign to the Student Membership sub-committee. That’s right – you are the educator and you can bring the power of the MPI Minnesota Chapter network to your classroom by giving us an assignment. Assignment ideas are listed below. Don’t see what you want? Ask us. We’re up for it.

  • Roundtable: We will tailor the roundtable topics to current trends and hot issues and be sure to include topics that you would like spotlighted.
  • Panel sessions: Panel sessions are instant programming for your program or campus events.
  • Guest lecturers: Bring your curriculum to life – real-life with experienced presenters. Tell us the topic you would like to focus on. We’ll do the rest.
  • Tours: Tell us what type of business you would like your class to tour and we’ll help you make the arrangements.

Click here to submit a question to the Student Membership sub-committee.


“I made a great connection at the last MPI meeting and have a new job as a result!”
“The opportunity to network and learn more about the industry has been very beneficial to my career path.”
“I participate in the MPI Minnesota Chapter’s mentor program and am matched with a mentor. The power of 2 is amazing!”
“The MPI Minnesota Chapter offers great chances to attend exhibits and educational events. It is a friendly environment to hone my networking skills.”
“Use as many different kinds of MPI resources as you can. Be part of a committee. Like most things, you get as much out it as you put into it.”
“What positive networking experiences! MPI members are very friendly and welcoming. They really do ‘get’ that students are the future.”
“The MPI Minnesota Chapter is a very positive place to grow in. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. That can be intimidating for some people, but it is well worth the effort.”
“I found my personal AND professional growth opportunities here. Thank you, MPI Minnesota Chapter!”
“I’ve met wonderful people that have incredible networks—very friendly, helpful group.”
“I’m making connections with another state chapter to assist in my relocation plans.”
“I received my first job as an On-site Meeting Manager from the MPI Minnesota Chapter online job board.”
“I was a student member years ago but didn’t do much with it. I just joined and kind of waited for the world to come to me. Now I am back in school and am a student member again. This time I’m involved. I go to the monthly meetings and have even joined a committee. I’m part of the industry before I ever get my career off the ground. This is a wonderful community for students to grow in.”

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