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MPI MN April 2021 Anniversaries

By: MPI Minnesota | May 5, 2021

Congratulations to all our cherished members. Happy anniversary!

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15 Years

Mesha M. Goodwill
Jennifer A. Ruthig
Lisa Starr


10 Years

Ani McArthur Laudon
Susan M. Murray

5 Years

Jackie Darsow
Meghan Gess

4 Years

Kathryn Laulainen

3 Years

Nellie McKay
Emily Schneidermann 

2 Years

Felita Barber
Nicole Magandy
Yande Musonda


1 Year

Erin Chilvers
Katie Eikenberry
Regina Fisher
Tina Misenor
Theresa L. Novotny
Lory L. Taylor
Kris Young




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