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October 13, 2021
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Honorable Mention Chapter Award



MPI MN Profiles Planner Andrea Rouse

By: MPI Minnesota | Jul 9, 2021

MPI_21_AndreaRouse175MPI MN profiles Planner Andrea Rouse, Conference Director, Merchant Advisory Group.

Why did you join MPI?   
• meet and network with industry peers
• share my experience and to learn from others’ in our field
• have access to industry resources 
• stay abreast of industry trends
• have a sounding board for unique situations that always arise with conference planning
How long have you been in the meetings/hospitality industry? 

How did you decide to get involved in this business?  What influenced you?

Early in my career, in my roles as administrators, I was responsible for putting together different targeted events and I thoroughly enjoyed all the pieces involved with taking a suggested idea and bringing it to life.  The reviews were always great which also brought a feeling of satisfaction.  I’m also a natural planner, organizer and project manager.  As my career progressed and I was ready for a career change, I chose to earn my PMP and my CMP but focus on the projects I enjoyed most – conferences & events!
What’s the most valuable advice you’ve received about working with meetings?

Be thorough!  Take time to review EVERYTHING in detail. 
What is one piece of advice about meeting planning you would share? 

Ask for what you want and question everything – you never know. And another set of eyes on everything is a lifesaver.  We’re all human but we have to try not to miss details in contracts so another set of eyes on things I’ve always found extremely valuable.  (Ok that’s TWO pieces of advice!)  
What is one thing about this industry that you love?

The mix of business details and creativity.  Satisfies both sides of my brain!
What is one thing about the industry would you like to see changed? 

Can’t think of anything 
What do you do outside of work? 

Love to travel, listening to live music, playing piano and spending priceless time with my family.



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