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September Roundtables Recap

By: Jenny Ng, Director, Education | Sep 24, 2023

Thank you to everyone that attending the September roundtables and to our generous monthly sponsors (Rival House Sporting Parlour, Mega Pickle and Ping, Madison Concourse Hotel). 

A big thank you to our moderators that lead engaging and impactful conversations on current issues in our industry. Below are a few takeaways.


  • Speak to your AV partner early in your venue discussion.
  • AI is here to stay, however, the speed of acceptance varies as people are cautious about the information coming at them from all resources.  The human element will continue to be your strongest ally when it comes to compliance.

Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

  • Expect rates increasing 20-40% over pre-COVID.
  • Planners should be as transparent as possible with venues/vendors about their budgets. You never know what kind of an agreement can be worked out if you don’t lay all of your cards out on the table.

Trends, Tips and More 


  • F&B: Smaller portions, more menu items meeting more dietary considerations (i.e., also all menu items published gluten free), mushrooms, mocktails
  • High value for in-persons meeting
  • AI on the rise
  • Attendee customization
  • Gender neutral restrooms
  • Planning for Neurodiversity: Lighting, break times/schedule, room set, listening devices, on Demand


  • Administrative Tips: mute or unmute during a meeting on teams use shortcut keys on Windows, press and hold Ctrl+Spacebar. On Mac, press and hold Option+Spacebar, learned from Dawn Bjork; treat Zoom's mute option like a push-to-talk button by holding down the spacebar, grammarly AI writing assistance, free plug-in
  • Communication – challenging response time between planners and suppliers, make sure you have the right contact, lots of position changes, find out preferred channel (phone, email, text, memes (kidding), ask for key dates and deadlines early in the planning process
  • F&B: For dietary restrictions ask during registration if is airborne, touch, or ingested

How To Make Your Meetings An Experience

  • Challenge yourself to think about events with a creative approach. The space you are working within may have possibilities you didn’t even think of unless you open yourself up to unique creative possibilities.
  • Change up the flow of programing. The attendees don’t have to sit in a ballroom all day and listen to talking heads. The education sessions could run shorter, 20-30 minutes sessions. Think outside the box and consider continuing the education in a unique branded activation.   

Networking in the New Era – How to C.A.S.H. in and build valuable relationships

  • Follow up with your new connections with 48 hours. Old school is new again. A follow up note puts you on the top of the pile! With so much digital confusion this is an area to shine bright.
  • Provide Value to your new connections! People are inundated with information. Who can you HELP and HOW can you help them. Who do you have in your list that you can connect them to. When you connect one of your connections you create a trifecta of service and this leads to increased SALES!


    Jenny Ng, Director, Education
    Event Planning Senior Manager at NCG

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