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Top Performing Chapter Award




Brian Follett
Private Event Manager at Union League Liberty Hill
MPI PHL Immediate Past President 2023-2024
9.5 Years of dedicated service to MPI PHL
Why do you love MPI?
The personal and professional growth, the friendships that I've made and having a sense of community within the hospitality industry.
Tell us about the great connections you've made.
The collaboration and ideas shared between suppliers and planners has been tremendously helpful.
What is your Favorite MPI Memory?
Winning Supplier of the Year, earning my CMP (thank you Lauren Curtolo), and being on the board for 8 years.
Share your best advice to new MPI members.
Make the most out of your membership! Join a committee, attend as many meetings as you can, start your path to becoming a CMP (we have an incredible CMP study group), and be active within our chapter.
We want to know your personal goal for your MPI board term.
To leave the board better than when I started.
Finally, what’s a personal fun fact?
Before we had our daughters, my wife and I travelled for 3 years, living in San Francisco, Maria Del Rey, Jersey Shore, and Hawaii (that was our favorite). The best job I had during our travels was at a brewery (I got to brew beer every day!).


The MPI Board Member Spotlight is your exclusive backstage pass to the dynamic individuals steering the course of our community. This month we interviewed our fabulous President-Elect, Danielle McCauley.

Danielle McCauley, Board Position - President-Elect 2023-24
Senior Event Manager, Event Strategy Group

Years of MPI Service - 5 years (Board Service - 4)

Why MPI?

I chose MPI because of the top-notch events that provide me with invaluable opportunities to connect with passionate industry leaders. The connections I've made through MPI have played a crucial role in both my professional and personal growth throughout my career journey. I can genuinely say that I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and networking opportunities offered by MPI PHL.

Tell us about the great connections you've made?

Wow, what a loaded question! As an event planner, my role involves constantly sourcing new suppliers for various aspects of events: locations, venues, speakers, entertainment, AV/platforms, and the list goes on. I would need more fingers than I have to count how many of my go-to suppliers originated from introductions through MPI. Whenever I'm in need, MPI is the first place I turn to for sourcing, and the connections I've made have been instrumental in the success of my events.

What is your favorite MPI memory?

My favorite MPI memory is from my first holiday party with the chapter. At that time, I was new to both the chapter and the industry, feeling quite green in my career. The prospect of entering a room filled with established figures in our field, all by myself, was initially quite intimidating. However, as the night progressed, my fears melted away. By the end of the evening, I found myself not wanting to leave. I had the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals who have since become valuable mentors, and their advice continues to be a cherished part of my professional journey.

Share some advice to new members.

You are joining for a reason - get the full experience. Attend events. Join a committee. If you don't know where to start - ask me :)

What is your personal goal for your board term?

Be more accessible. The past few years have turned our entire industry upside down, and now, more than ever, we need to support each other. I believe that accessibility is our best attribute, and I want to contribute to fostering an environment where everyone feels connected and supported within the MPI community.

Of course we want to know a personal Fun Fact?

I love wine so much that I earned my Level 3 Sommelier Certification, and I even have the pin to prove it! Grateful for the knowledge and experiences gained, thanks to @‌phillywine.



We're thrilled to unveil a new feature that brings the spotlight to the driving force behind MPI's success – our incredible Board Members! 🌐✨
Get ready to delve into the stories, insights, and passion that shape the vision of Meetings Professionals International. The MPI Board Member Spotlight is your exclusive backstage pass to the dynamic individuals steering the course of our community.  This month we interviewed our fabulous President Kristine Golden
Kristine Golden, CMP
Board Position - President 2023-24
Work Title - Regional Marketing Manager
Company - FLIK Hospitality Group
Years of MPI Service - 18 years (I joined when I was ten ... kidding)
Why MPI?
I keep my membership in MPI because it has given me the best opportunities to grow as a hospitality professional. I joined the CMP Study Group, then passed the exam and became a facilitator. Serving on the Board of Directors gave me the chance to try new skills that I normally would not have access to for my day job. I also have received and given several job/gig opportunities as well!
We’d love to hear some Great Connections you've made as a member of MPI PHL?
Nearly every volunteer has made an impact in my MPI experience. I've learned from so many amazing people: Daniel Love, Stephanie Kryzwanski, Anne MaddenJennie UdellLaila EaNikki BennerBrian Follett, just to name a few. Camela Pastorius, CMP, who I served with on the Board, but then gave me a chance on a dream meeting manager job that took me all over North America. All of the MPI Members make a difference, and I am thankful for everyone!
What is your Favorite MPI Memory?
Joining #PAMPIRuns and accidentally completing a 5K while pushing a stroller, because no one told me where the "1K Walker" turn was. But I got the finisher medal that day!
Tell us some advice to new MPI members?
I think all members, new and experienced, need to get involved. We need everyone's help to ensure that the Chapter is here for future hospitality professionals.
Do you have a personal goal for your board term?
My job this year is to be the voice of our members, to help shepherd initiatives they want to see, and create the connections for resources that will make them successful, and inevitably the Chapter successful as well.
Tell us a Personal Fun Fact?
My husband and I were married on the Market Frankford EL "Love Train" through the Mural Arts Program, in front of 30 of our family & friends, plus 300 strangers who bought tickets to the event. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/couple-gets-married-on-a-real-love-train-in-philly/

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