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Philadelphia Area Chapter of Meeting Professionals International Chapter (MPIPHL) is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of meeting professionals through education, connections and leadership development. To help serve this Mission and our Members, Meetings Professional International (MPI) and MPIPHL provide grant and scholarship opportunities for Membership dues, educational programs and conferences, and more.

Lack of funds should never be the impediment to an MPIPHL Member fulfilling their professional goals. Below you’ll find opportunities at the Global level through the MPI Foundation and at the Chapter level.

Philadelphia Area Membership Scholarships

Membership Scholarships are designed to provide financial aid to those needing assistance in covering fees for monthly programs and/or the Education Institute.

Membership Scholarships

  • Available for new, current & non-members*
  • Designated funds are not available for renewals at this time.
  • Partial and full scholarships awarded up to $325.00 (amount varies based on applicants stated need and committee approval)
  • Funds can be applied towards monthly program registration fees and the Education Institute depending on the amount of scholarship awarded.  
  • In awarding this scholarship, it is agreed that the recipient will make every effort to attend the monthly programs and/or Education Institute in order to fully use the financial aid that has been awarded to them.


*If scholarship is awarded to a non-member, scholarship will be awarded in the form of a reimbursement. Reimbursements are only made after recipient has submitted MPI PHL membership application.
The MPI Foundation is a non-profit organization that fuels the advancement of MPI members by providing them professional development and career opportunities through grants and scholarships.

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