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Connections Campaign

Our vision and mission as a member-centric organization are focused on building those personal and business connections for you, connecting you to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. 

It’s about supporting each other and helping each other to BUY MPI. The Connections Campaign is a celebration of those successful connections!

When you share your connection, you will be entered into a drawing. At our last MPIPHL meeting before the summer, we will be awarding prizes to the planner and supplier who has submitted the most connections made.  Our goal is to document more than $500,000 in Connections!

All information shared will remain anonymous. Please submit your connections using the form below.  If you have any questions, contact our VP of Membership, Jessica Bittman, CMP at jbittman@visitwilmingtonde.com

Has attended an MPI PHL event resulted in a connection that has or will result in future business?  If so, we are hoping you will share a little or a lot about the connection!


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