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ROI is ROR in the Hospitality Industry

By: Jim Cohn | Mar 29, 2024

As I have been part of the hospitality, meetings, travel and special event industry for over 38 years now, something particular has stood out to me when either networking, selling or just giving advice and that is it is all about Relationships. I remember a salesperson telling me many years ago, that her boss said to make sure she collects 15 business cards at the mixer. I then chimed in to ask why. She said he wanted a good ROI on her going to a networking event and I said I guess he does not build his business on relationships. It is not the quantity of cards but the time you spend with anyone you meet as you do not know where that person is going to be in their next job, who they know or how they can work with you right now if you don't get to know them. One thing I also do is to try to find a common denominator so that we can start going down a path together. It could be where you grew up, maybe something they are wearing, possibly a connection with the company or job that they are in and you might know someone there as well or previously placed business with their company, but I try to pick something out to start. And always try to remember their name the next time. I also bring them into conversation if I am with others or introduce them around and then let them talk. It's not about me but about the flow of networking.


Jim Cohn
Jim Cohn
Publisher / Editor / Gentleman at Mid Atlantic Events Magazine

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