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Sustainability Still Matters


By: Lou Marrocco, CMP | Jan 10, 2023

Sustainability still matters and needs our attention!
This is such an important topic and in dire need of our concerted efforts and help.

When the pandemic hit, it caused many operators to change the way they presented their offerings. Individually packaged items such as sauces, condiments, and flatware, to mention a few are now everywhere. A benefit for some was the distribution of menus via QR codes or digitally, saving printing costs and time.

Now, if I may be so bold, in the “post-pandemic” era, we must focus on our best practices in being even more sustainable in our meetings and events. Companies can now print less materials for your meetings, as people have gotten used to QR codes and digital communication. Make signage multi-purposed by removing specific dates and/or location details assuring they can be re-used for future events.

Continue to ask for water in your general sessions, and breaks, however it is recommended to ask for alternatives to bottled water such as water stations or bringing refillable bottles that would help reduce costs and trash. Let’s make it a point to include sustainability in our RFPs to our hotels and venues. Let’s ask the question about left over food from our functions that could be sent to local shelters or food banks.

Make it an “attendee experience” by doing a community project at your next meeting. Put together food bags, or plush toys for children, or at the very least, have attendees bring their unused toiletries from the hotel room to a bin that can be donated to a shelter.

If we stop and think about our operation, and the suppliers we work with on our meetings and events, we are sure to come up with at least one thing that we could do to improve our sustainability efforts moving forward in 2023 and beyond. As industry professionals we have a great resource; The Events Industry Council Sustainability Pledge, https://www.eventscouncil.org/Sustainability/Sustainability-Pledge

Remember, we can all take a small step, and make the change that can make a difference.
Let’s start now in 2023!!!

Lou Marrocco, CMP


Lou Marrocco, CMP
Founder, BrandyWine Events


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