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CMP/CMM Annual Lunch: Food for Thought

June 20, 2024
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
CYTO|PHL 2929 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA
Kristine Golden, CMP

Join us on June 20 as we delve into the complex realm of food management at events with an exclusive program: "Food for Thought," designed specifically for Certified Meeting Professionals and Certified Meeting Managers. This insightful presentation will empower you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to elevate your event planning through thoughtful and inclusive food and beverage choices.

During this session, Tracy Stuckrath, a seasoned event professional and advocate for safe and inclusive catering, will guide you through the essential aspects of accommodating dietary needs, implementing sustainable practices, and utilizing innovative food and beverage solutions to enhance event experiences. You'll learn how to navigate the complexities of food allergies, preferences, and dietary restrictions with ease and confidence.

Expect to explore:

  • Practical approaches to identifying and meeting diverse dietary requirements to ensure that no guest is left behind and you’re meeting your event budget.
  • Sustainable strategies that can help reduce your event's environmental footprint while maintaining high-quality service and guest satisfaction.
  • Risk management techniques for food and beverage services that enhance safety and compliance.
  • Innovative catering ideas that can transform your events, making them more memorable and engaging for all attendees.
  • Tools for measuring the impact of your food and beverage choices on overall event success and attendee satisfaction.

Whether you're looking to refine your existing knowledge or discover new ways to impress and accommodate your attendees, "Food for Thought" promises to be an invaluable addition to your professional toolkit. Come ready to engage, learn, and be inspired to create event experiences where every meal matters, and every guest feels valued. 

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2929 Arch Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, USA

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