Top Performing Chapter Award

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Top Performing Chapter Award



Past Presidents

“Thank you” to our past Presidents for their leadership and dedication that helped make the MPI D/FW Chapter one of the most recognized chapters in the world!


Ron Trammell, First President of MPI D/FW Chapter


Ron Trammell1977-1978
George Gallagher1978-1979
Charlotte St. Martin1979-1980
Greg Elam1980-1981
Harmon Hodge1981-1982
Sally Gibbons1982-1983
Jerry Swiggert1983-1984
Ellen Beckert1984-1985
Latrelle Smart, CMP1985-1986
Pat Smith1986-1987
Norbert Dettman, CMP, Ph.D.1987-1988
J. William Boyd, Jr., CMP1988-1989
Mary Jo Malone1989-1990
July Love Rondeau1990-1991
Lisa South Brannum, CMP, CSEP1991-1992
Mary Cowart1992-1993
Lesley Meyer, CMP1993-1994
Diane Smith, CMP1994-1995
Phyllis Firebaugh, CMP1995-1996
Mary Lynn Novelli, CMP1996-1997
Gregory Pynes1997-1998
Colleen Rickenbacher, CMP, CSEP, CPECP1998-1999
Steven G. Foster, CMP1999-2000
Steve Kemble2000-2001
Betty E. Garrett, CMP2001-2002
Cheryl L. Beasley, CMP, CMM2002-2003
Melissa S. Logar, CMP2003-2004
Melissa S. Logar, CMP2004-2005
Tamra Hughston, CMP, CMM2005-2006
Sally Goldesberry, CMP, CMM2006-2007
Nancey Hernandez, CMP2007-2008
Carol Benavidez, CMP2008-2009
Jason Ware2009-2010
Jesh Batra2010-2011
Sue Wykes2011-2012
Lauren Dunnaway, CTA2012-2013
Alison Kieckhafer, CMP2013-2014
Amanda Wells, CMA2014-2015
Tony Cummins, CMP, CMM2015-2016
Sherry DeLaGarza, CMP, CMM2016-2017
Erin Lucia2017-2018
Paige Mejia, FPO2018-2019
Tuula Westlake, CASE2019-2020

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