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CMP Prep May 2020 Questions

By: Denise Woods, CMP | May 4, 2020

CMP-Prep-news-article-iconThese are the CMP questions for April. Both refer to Domain B (Project Management).

1.  Contracts require all of the following except:
a.  verbal agreements automatically becoming part of the contract 
b.  the contract being enforceable by both parties 
c.  the contract stating the date of the event and a cancellation policy 
d.  signatories to the contract having authority to represent their organizations

2.  The processes that must be followed to utilize a project procurement plan are:  plan, __________, administer, and close.
a.  conduct
b.  research
c.  negotiate
d.  evaluate

1.  a
2.  a


Denise Woods
Denise Woods, CMP






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