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September Monthly Meeting

19 September, 2019
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Delta Hotel by Marriott Minneapolis Northeast
1330 Industrial Blvd NE
Minneapolis, MN
MPI Minnesota
Phone: 651-917-6243

Disruption and Transformation of Our Industry: What Else Should We Expect?

From disruption of technological forces that are changing the way we work and play to changes in Washington which will take time to understand its full impact, it is important to understand the context of what is taking place.  The speed of change is a force that we will all wrestle with over the next decade.

As the economic environment and hotel structure continue to change at a rapid pace, it is important to understand the current outlook, economic concerns, and forecasts that will dictate behavior in all business environments.  The impacts of global political and economic instability still exist - although the global economy is growing together for the first time in modern history.

Our world has become much more complex with a variety of issues including automation, business transformation, customization, the cannabis industry, machine learning, biometrics … the changes are endless and so are the opportunities.

In this dynamic session, industry veteran Michael Dominguez, President & CEO of ALHI and Immediate-Past Chairman of MPI’s International Board of Directors, shares his perspective on the latest trends and their impact on the hotel industry and meeting dynamics.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of the economic environment, how structural changes will have an impact in 2019 and beyond, and identify ways to optimize your ability to maneuver through this quickly changing environment.


Learner Objectives:

  • Understand the need to move fast in changing organizational structure
  • Look at the impact of global political and economic forecasts
  • Review industry forecast for the US and Global sectors
  • Understand new competition and disruptive forces that will move us all
  • Understand behavior changes in audiences of the future
  • Review latest technology changes and expected impact on the Meetings & Events Industry

Meet the speaker

mpi_19_MichaelDominguezMichael Dominguez joined Associated Luxury Hotels International as President & CEO in June of 2019 after an impressive hotel career of over 30 years. Michael has had many roles in the industry including: Chief Sales Officer, MGM Resorts, Loews Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Marcus Hotels as well as a leadership role as a destination marketer.

Michael is actively involved in leadership roles in the Meetings and Events Industry and serves in a number of roles that support advocacy and growth of the meetings & events industry.


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