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Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for the leadership succession planning for the MN chapter. Enhancement of chapter membership through volunteer opportunities is key to building and maintaining a strong and vibrant chapter and industry leaders.


Vice President of Leadership Development

The Vice President’s responsibilities are to manage the business plan for the committee, assist the BOD with succession planning and develop strategy to grow Chapter members into leadership roles within the Chapter.


Director of Leadership Development

The chief responsibilities of the Director of Leadership Development are managing the monthly deliverables from the committee chairs, supervising all-member committee meeting and learning about the chapter. This is a 2-year commit, the second year being Vice President of Leadership Development.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Chair & Vice Chair oversee the Volunteer committee, recruit volunteers for tasks and delegate to sub-committees.  3-4 hours/month

Volunteer tracking: The keeper of the new volunteer tracking grid for all of the committees. Help manage volunteer needs from all chapter teams and forward MarComm committee to be posted.  1 hour/month

Chapter org charts and Job Description: Collect updated org charts and job descriptions from all committees and forward to MarComm committee to brand and posted on web site5-7 hours during July and/or August only

Year End Volunteer Recognition:  Create several new ideas for volunteer recognition and give to VP & Director of LD to present to the BOD. Program manage the implementation of the recognition.  8-10 hours

Leader of the month: Collect nominations from the BOD each month, format into a voting form and send to VP Leadership one-week prior to each Board of Directors meeting. 30 min/month

Volunteer Pool: Maintain a listing of chapter volunteers who would like to be called upon to help fill in to support a single task or event.

Ambassador Liaison to Membership: Person responsible to work with Membership team resource 


Mentor Program

Chair & Vice Chair to oversee the mentor committee, recruit volunteers for tasks and delegates to sub committee.  3-4 hours/month

Mentor program roster and tracking: Create a listing of the mentor and mentee pairings and track their progress throughout the year. 1 hour/month

Mentor program Marketing: Responsible for submitting articles about Mentorship for the monthly newsletter, liaison for social media and Mentor group yearly get together. 1 hour/month

Mentor committee administrator: Manage the meeting invites and minutes and all committee communications. Liaison to MarComm for all Leadership Development committee edits to the MN chapter website. 1-2 hours/month


Mentor Café

Mentor Café chair and co-chair continue to develop and promote the Mentor program, organize and facilitate gatherings where mentors and mentees meet as a group and discuss progress and share ideas. These gatherings are open to all MN chapter members. 1-2 hours/month


Leadership Succession Volunteer Descriptions

Chair to oversee the Leadership Succession committee supporting VP and Director with chapter succession planning as well as assist the Immediate Past President with the upcoming BOD nominations. 1 hour/month

LADDER: Create a format for maintaining chapter members interested in growing their involvement in the MN chapter and potentially a leadership role. Institute a permanent line-item on the agenda at the monthly BOD meetings. ½ hour/month

Standard Operating Procedure: Establish SOP template and roll out to all of the VPs and Directors, assisting with creation of standard operating procedures for their committees.


LPI Curriculum Chair

LPI Curriculum chair: Work directly with the facilitator of the curriculum to continually enhance the current plan and deliver.  Also, work with the education committee on the agenda as well as all of the logistics for annual chapter Leadership Development training meetings.

Team Members



Director, Leadership Develompent

Shawn Petersen

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