EMEC20 Develops the Most Important Asset: Family

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EMEC20 Develops the Most Important Asset: Family

By Mikayla Milburn | Jan 31, 2020

EMEC is penciling in a day for your most important asset: family.

Scheduled for the Saturday ahead of the conference, Family Day, according to Federico Toja, director of chapter business in Europe, is an experience that is meant to be shared.

“With most planners being very busy, this is a moment to reconnect to family and business,” he says. “Most of our engaged members and Chapter Leaders in particular feel the MPI community is a family. During Family Day, you build your own path in Sevilla and mingle with colleagues and their families. This is a sharing experience mixing the discovery of beautiful Sevilla and meeting colleagues.”

While EMEC is the go-to conference for fun, education, networking and all-around career-building, why not add a little bleisure to all this development and bring your family along for a vacation they’ll love. The deadline to register is January 27 and there are three unique options that can appease even the pickiest member of your family.

For the family members who love history, take a leap back in time and become an explorer with historical figure Ferdinand Magellan. Discover hidden facts about Magellan and experience the long ago age of sixteenth century Spain. Using your wits and an IPad, teams will put their teamwork skills to the test by competing to find evidence and complete objectives. Participants can also take photos and videos that will be sent to them after the activity.

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain with calm waters snaking through the city, stupendous architecture and colorful buildings. There are multiple avenues for your family to explore the city depending on personal preference or activity level. Participants can complete the tour on foot, by bike, by segway or by horse drawn carriage with each mode taking roughly an hour.

For the animal lover in your life, the last option for Family Day is an enchanting visit to the Seville Aquarium. The aquarium is divided into five different sections: Guadalquivir, Atlantic, Amazon, Pacific and Indo-Pacific with native fish from each location. In the Oceanarium, the tank with some of the largest fish in the world, you can find such monsters of the deep as the sharks of the Iberian Peninsula.

All groups must consist of only 35 participants so space and registration time frame are limited. Register now to give your family the vacation they’ll never forget all the while developing the one asset that matters most: the family relationship.



Mikayla Milburn
Mikayla Milburn

MiKayla Milburn is a freelance contributor who writes relatable, accurate and resolute content. In her personal life, she adores her furbabies and her husband, in that order.