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Through the MPI Academy, you have access to cutting-edge education and consulting that will enhance your meetings and events, drive attendance and ultimately create positive business value for your organization.

MPI Academy

Academy Speakers & Facilitators

You want the attendees at your events to leave not only satisfied but with the knowledge and skills they need to meet their goals, improve their events and elevate their careers. Let MPI help. Bring one of MPI’s subject matter experts to facilitate engagement at your next FAM or event. From keynotes to breakout sessions, MPI’s internal team has the expertise your audience craves, and the facilitation skills that will create engaging experiences for you and your guests. From strategic meetings management to experiential design to future trends, trust MPI’s speakers and facilitators to bring subject matter expertise and the trusted MPI brand to your meetings and events. For more information on this invaluable educational opportunity, contact Kerisha High-Parker at

You Are

  • A CVB or DMO that needs bleeding-edge education to attract meeting and event professionals to your upcoming familiarization event, training or roadshow
  • A meeting industry event that yearns for sessions, workshops and facilitated engagement that will drive your audience wild
  • An association or nonprofit that keenly seeks to bring vital meeting, event and experiential design skills to your audience

Our Services

  • Highly skilled keynote and general session speakers who can motivate and activate your audience to new heights
  • Workshop and breakout speakers who bring real-world expertise and knowledge to the classroom and share next-level solutions with your participants
  • Seasoned facilitators who create elite-class engagement among participants that leads to innovative solutions and problem-solving

Academy Sales Training

Your sales team or business development department needs to understand the world of meetings and events in order to find their competitive edge. Meeting professionals are looking for partners not vendors, and they are looking to industry suppliers for not only products but also advice and even education. Make sure your sales team understands the stressors and challenges facing today’s meeting professional. MPI will come to the venue of your choice and teach your staff about the current meetings landscape and how they fit into the meetings continuum. Get the information you need about the current market and the impact to meeting and event planners and position your team for success.

For more information, contact Nancy Snowden at

You Are

  • A CVB or DMO that wants to revolutionize the way your team sells by understating the perspective, outlook and challenges of the meeting planner
  • A venue or hotel that seeks to position itself as a thought leader by addressing the unique needs of its clients in new and different ways
  • A supplier who is tired of being treated as a vendor and wants to become a trusted and recurring advisor, educator and partner 

Our Services

  • Customized training programs that showcase the high-level and deep-dive needs and desires of your clients and that lead to revelation and innovation in the way you sell 
  • Robust solutions that will change the way your client sees your product and services
  • Education that will transform you from a supplier to a thought leader and trusted partner

Academy Corporate Training

Your events management team members do a great job executing on tasks, but you want them to understand the business value you drive for your organization, design compelling experiences that generate behavior change and discover how to measure success using universally accepted metrics. You want to implement strategic solutions into the design of your management functions and create meetings that truly transform your organization and positively impact your bottom line. And you want to make sure that you do all of this while keeping the safety and security of your attendees and business travelers top-of-mind. Bring MPI’s experts in to train your staff on everything from the basics to the advanced—and anything in between.

For more information, contact Kerisha High-Parker at

You Are

  • A Fortune 500 company with a large staff of meeting and administrative professionals who need additional training on how to design experiences that drive business growth and create behavior change
  • An organization that holds hundreds of meetings a year that wants to analyze the impact of those events and the effectiveness of the way you hold meetings
  • A meeting consultancy or events company that seeks to discover the latest trends in experience design and technological solutions that will make your clients rave

Our Services

  • Entry- to executive-level classes, courses and certificates that lead to incredible user experiences that drive business value for your organization
  • One-hour to multi-day workshops that help your organization capitalize on efficiencies, manage meeting spend and drive bottom-line results—all while designing spectacular experiences.


  • Basics Bootcamp
  • Business Value of Meetings
  • Events Inclusivity
  • Experience Design
  • Finance
  • Healthcare  Meetings 
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Strategic Meetings Management
  • Technology

Academy Consulting

Maybe you want to start thinking more strategically about the way you design experiences—or maybe you just want to “jazz up” the experiences you already offer. Bring MPI’s experience makers into the room and let us help you truly determine the why behind your meetings and how you can design game-changing events for your organization and your attendees. We’ve tried it all. And we know what works and what doesn’t. Let us lend our expertise to your event and help you design experiences your participants and company will love.

For more information, contact Kerisha High-Parker at

You Are

  • An association looking to revolutionize your “same-old” annual event with content, speakers, formats and schedules that will attract new attendees, wow your participants and keep them coming back for more
  • A company seeking to ensure that its staff members are actually learning, evolving and innovating following its education and training programs by designing right-fit experiences and analyzing and measuring results
  • An organization that wants to take advantage of MPI’s exceptional event designers to transform its meetings and events.

Our Services

  • Customizable, scalable and tailored review of the design of your meeting or event with recommendations for improving outcomes, business value, engagement and experience
  • Recommendations for setting goals, determining tactics, measuring outcomes and installing a mechanism for continuous improvement
  • Custom experience design guidance and assistance 

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