Want to produce graduates that will change the world?

Become MPI Certified.

Program Overview

As the leading education provider within the meeting and events industry, MPI prides itself on its ability to remain current with evolving trends in industry skills, knowledge, and thought leadership through its rigorous certificate courses & educational experiences via the MPI Academy.

MPI embarked on a research-backed development process to learn more about not only what made college and university meeting/events programs successful, but also what presented as challenging or detrimental to the success of their program, and ultimately, their students.

Using this research MPI has identified three primary competency areas that compose a robust and meaningful educational experience:

  • Quality of Instruction
  • Academic Rigor
  • Practicum Work Experience

Through a submission and evaluation process, institutions can align themselves with the MPI's industry education competency standards to become aligned with the MPI Certified brand designation.

The goal? To provide credibility, transparency, and strength in college/university recruiting efforts & ensure the future success of the meetings & events workforce.

Process Overview
  • Schools complete a “self-study” packet in preparation for submission.
  • Prior to submission, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is executed between MPI and the submitting institution.
  • Institution submits materials.
  • Internal review conducted.
  • Scorecard and feedback provided during a scheduled appointment.
  • Payment portal access provided once approved.
  • Fee schedule, media assets, and asset schedule are provided once payment is received.