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Are you considering opening a Meeting Professionals International (MPI) club or chapter in your region?

Discover who we are, how MPI operates, and how to create a new club or chapter in your region.

Who We Are 

When we meet face-to-face, it empowers us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. That’s why MPI strives to lead the world in education, networking and innovative solutions that advance not only the meeting and event industry but also the careers of the professionals in it.

Through MPI’s global network of local chapters, we activate, educate, support and connect the connectors—people who are passionate about bringing people together. MPI serves the entirety of the meeting and event industry, regardless of need, audience or specialization.

MPI delivers leadership and education that are not only credible—they’re actionable. We empower our community to visualize and execute one-of-a-kind experiences that inspire people to evolve their outlooks, reexamine their preconceptions and take positive action.

Because when we meet, we think in ways previously unthought. Because when we meet, we break through barriers that kept us apart.

When we meet, we change the world.

Each of our 67+ MPI chapters and clubs is managed like a small business by its volunteer leadership team. Annually, these MPI leaders produce educational and networking events around the world, helping us fulfill the MPI mission and vision in a way that’s unique to the club or chapter’s local community.

In this way, our MPI chapter and club leaders collectively elevate the quality of the industry’s professionalism, community support and international business opportunities while creating uniquely relevant opportunities for their local members to learn, innovate, collaborate and advocate.

This is the community of leaders that you would join as a chapter champion. In exchange for your time and effort, you will reap personal and professional benefits as you sharpen your leadership skills. You also will gain access to a global network of meeting and event industry thought leaders operating around the world.

How We Operate

As a potential MPI volunteer leader, it’s important that you understand the guiding principles all our leaders observe, because each chapter bases the way it operates on meeting the standards outlined in the MPI Global Policies. Our Principles of Professionalism is our professional code of ethics.

The governing body of MPI is the International Board of Directors (IBOD). The IBOD reviews and approves the strategic plans developed by MPI Global’s executive leadership team and staff, who are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. MPI Global’s Chapter Operations Team, which works in remote offices around the world, oversees all elements of chapter operations, from chapter leadership training to new chapter development. When you’re ready to make the commitment to become a chapter champion, they will mentor you through the process and present your application to the IBOD.

MPI clubs and chapters are similar in that each exist to fulfill the global MPI mission and vision, must meet globally mandated minimum standards, abide by local legal and tax requirements, are run by teams of volunteers, and must be incorporated as a nonprofit/charitable association. However, there are some differences.

The biggest difference is the number of members required to apply for club versus chapter charters and the structural requirements. Once you have a minimum of 20 members and a plan on how to get to 40 members, you can apply for club recognition. Clubs have less governance requirements than chapters and can operate without bylaws and with a smaller leadership team.

To be recognized as a chapter, you must have a minimum of 40 enrolled members and the potential to get to 100 members before you can submit to the IBOD for recognition. Chapters operate with bylaws and a full board of directors. They have more reporting requirements than clubs, but they also benefit from additional MPI Global support. Because approved MPI chapters (and clubs, for a limited period) receive a portion of membership dues as a rebate, there is a financial upside to continuing to grow membership.

Prior to applying for club or chapter charters, make sure that you, members of your leadership team and anyone that you’d like to count as a prospective member of your club/chapter-in-formation are current members of MPI. You should strive for at least 50 percent of the members on your list to belong to the “Planner” category. Two-thirds of your members and fellow leaders should reside in your proposed geographic club/chapter area. Essential members will not count toward your total unless you can upgrade them to the Preferred or Premier membership level, which is where chapter affiliation applies.

Establishing a Club or Chapter

Members of MPI can form local clubs and chapters. The association encourages local chapters as a means of advancing its mission, increasing membership, and preparing individuals for leadership roles on the Global level.

Become a Club or Chapter Champion.

If this feels like an adventure you’d like to take, complete the form below! Our Chapter Operations Team is excited to mentor new champions and connect them to potential MPI allies and ambassadors residing nearby.