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Black Meeting Professionals

Our community’s mission is to build a strong foundation to support Black professionals in the meetings and events industry. Through our international network we are an unlimited resource, a guaranteed connection and an opportunity for growth, to expand the social/professional and academic networks of our members.

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Administrative Planners

Administrative Professionals

An estimated 80% of all corporate meetings are organized by administrative or non-titled professionals. Whether your title is executive assistant, human resources, ​marketing or administrative support, we've got you covered with all the tools, skill-building education and peer support you need.

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Independent & Small Business Owners

More than 2,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent meeting and event professionals are members of MPI. No matter what stage of your career, the ISBO Community offers a vibrant array of education and peer-to-peer resources.

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Association Professionals

Nearly 2,000 association professionals call MPI home. Join this community to learn how to navigate challenges specific to organizing association meetings and connect with your peers.

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Experiential Meeting Planners

Marketers and Experience Designers

If you're an agency-based, corporate or independent marketing professional, or are interested in learning more about experiential event design, we welcome you to join this community of more than 500 MPI members who enjoy creating experiences.

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Meeting Executives

For meeting executives, at the director level and above, understanding how to navigate uncertain geopolitical and economic landscapes, manage teams and keep attendees safe is crucial. Our Meeting Executives Community enjoys specialized peer-to-peer roundtables and master-class educational experiences live and virtually.

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MPI-MD Medical Meeting & Healthcare Professionals

MPI is home to nearly 1,000 meeting professionals who organize medical and healthcare meetings. Our MPI-MD Community provides essential resources and peer support, advocates for industry innovations, and promotes compliance education with the HMCC certificate program.

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MPI Women

MPI Women

Women represent an estimated 70%-80% of the workforce, yet remain a minority in positions of executive leadership and gender pay equity. The MPI Women's Community offers specialized education designed to help you fulfill your career potential.

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Financial and Insurance Meeting Planners

Financial & Insurance Professionals

Nearly 600 MPI members work in the financial and insurance sector. Join this community to connect with your corporate and association peers and enjoy resources and education designed specifically for you.


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