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Exploring the value of local meetings and events for event professionals

By Meeting Professionals International | Sep 5, 2023

In an era dominated by virtual communication, the allure of face-to-face interactions remains unparalleled, particularly for event professionals seeking sourcing, education and networking opportunities. Local meetings and events have emerged as valuable platforms, serving as hubs for discovering hidden gems, enhancing skill sets and establishing connections within the industry. One illustrative case is the Regional Business Exchange series, with Meeting Professionals International (MPI) leading the way, bringing a multifaceted experience to professionals through these events.

Unearthing hidden opportunities

Sourcing, a linchpin in event planning, often involves navigating a web of vendors, suppliers and venues. The digital age has facilitated this process, yet local events have proven to be a wellspring of undiscovered possibilities. Regional events, such as those orchestrated by MPI, encapsulate this aspect perfectly.

Consider the forthcoming MPI Regional Business Exchange at the esteemed Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., on Sept. 19. Attendees are promised an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain as they navigate behind-the-scenes tours that will not only fuel creativity but also expose attendees to inventive setups and concepts, enhancing their sourcing toolkit.


Education as the cornerstone of growth

Continual education is the lifeblood of any profession, especially one as dynamic as event planning. Keeping abreast of trends, technologies and best practices is pivotal in providing exceptional experiences. The role of local events in this arena is particularly salient.

For instance, the upcoming Regional Business Exchange event at the Hard Rock in New York City on Nov. 29 holds the promise of enriching education sessions. As part of the MPI Regional Business Exchange series, all gatherings are poised to offer a comprehensive selection of sessions spanning a gamut of topics relevant to event planning. Attendance at such sessions empowers planners with insights and expertise otherwise difficult to access, refining their skills and ensuring they stay aligned with the latest trends.

MPI’s Regional Business Exchange: Elevate your professional connections and take your business to new heights.

 Cultivating meaningful connections

Networking is the lifeblood of professional growth, fostering opportunities for collaboration and expansion. The local event space provides an ideal backdrop for cultivating these relationships, where shared proximity catalyzes lasting connections.

Both the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino events in Florida and New York stand as prime examples. Attendees converge to interact with peers, exchanging insights, stories and visions. This kind of engagement often leads to partnerships, collaborations and recommendations, underlining the profound value of networking within local event contexts.

Seizing the moment

MPI’s Regional Business Exchange series encapsulates the potential inherent in local meetings and events for event professionals. The upcoming events at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino underscore a triumvirate of benefits. From cultivating an expansive sourcing arsenal through behind-the-scenes tours to fortifying knowledge through education sessions and, finally, to nurturing connections that transcend the event itself, these occasions are the epitome of professional growth.

In conclusion, event professionals stand to gain immeasurably from embracing local meetings and events. The Regional Business Exchange series provides an illuminating example of this potential, with the upcoming events at the Hard Rock venues serving as a beacon of opportunity. As event professionals navigate the labyrinth of their careers, they would do well to recognize the hidden treasures that await in their own backyards.



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