Get Ready for Next-Level Experiential at EMEC20

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Get Ready for Next-Level Experiential at EMEC20

By Mikayla Milburn | Jan 20, 2020

Embracing a new shift in the approach to experiential activity, MPI is finding new ways to help participants live the MPI brand, not just hear about it.

While there are going to be plenty of opportunities for some serious education, EMEC 2020 is also a time for fun, and best of all, networking and brand-building activities. According to Miranda Van Bruck, “EMEC is designed with this new approach in mind, so you—our participants—can immerse in these experiences and ‘'steal the best ideas’’ and implement them at your own events, so they too can stand out in the experience economy,” she says. “Each one of these experiences directly tie into MPI’s mission to connect, learn, innovate, collaborate and advocate.”

Opening Day

Once again, EMEC’s kick-off event invites participants to become super sleuths and partake in an adventure that will take you from the beautiful Plaza de Espana all the way to the Navigation Pavilion. This activity will push your boundaries, test your courage, and accelerate personal growth. The group will assemble Sunday, between 4 p.m. and 4:15 p.m., and it is imperative that everyone is assembled on time and are wearing clothes suited for walking outdoors.

Following the Sherlocked activity, the general session will begin in the Navigation Pavilion with the Dear World experience. This transformative experience is designed to build you up from within by opening up and allowing for a bit of vulnerability by hearing and telling meaningful stories that can transform communities, individuals and companies. This MPI and Dear World collaboration centers around the stories and voices of YOU, our community to then create a sense of connection and belonging. Dear World storyteller Keshia Hannam will set the scene and invite you to get actively involved while learning to transform, connect and create.

According to Van Bruck, both of these activities are integral in showing participants what the MPI brand is all about. “Opening experience powered by Sherlocked ties to our mission as we are connecting our community through this experience in which they can be successful through collaboration,” she says. “Dear World ties to our learning and innovation elements of the MPI mission and inspires people to really change the world.”

Learning Journeys

Imagine how exciting it was going on a fieldtrip as a kid and being so busy having fun that you didn’t even realize you were learning. That’s exactly how it feels going on the EMEC learning journeys but as a busy professional. At no additional cost, attendees can choose one learning journey from four options that will be available throughout the convention.

All four learning journeys focus on growing some facet of professionalism, be it stress management, leadership, social responsibility, or storytelling. During the Airbus learning journey, participants will be fighter pilots for a day while taking home valuable lessons on stress management and decision making under pressure. With HorseDream methodology, the second learning journey will show participants what leadership really feels like by leading Andalusian horses at a nearby ranch. The third learning journey is prepared to challenge how you travel and explore. By designing a social-impact experience, you can help future travelers leave a positive change on one of Seville’s most challenged neighborhoods. Finally, incorporate storytelling into your business repertoire in a Master Class that helps you discover the stories you want to tell and tell them in a way that you’ll be heard, all while experiencing the majesty of the Opera house in Seville.

Networking Activities

Throughout the conference, the Sevillian culture will be ever-present, and that includes the delicious fare. “Eatwith dinner experience is all about innovative ways to typical conference elements,” Van Bruck says. “It is that authentic, local and innovative element that truly exemplifies the MPI brand. MPI trying things out for you, so you don’t have to.” Go ahead and treat yourself to the EatWith immersive dinner experience on February 10 and join hosts in their homes all around the city. This activity will allow you to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and cuisine, all the while networking with your fellow diners, and according to Ester Giacomoni, EatWith senior account manager, this is one of the most important parts of immersive dining.

“The most important aspect of a dining experience is to allow yourself to be fully immersed,to truly see, experience, and taste the flavors of the culture,” she says. “When you’re a guest at our Eatwith hosts’ dinner table, you’re given the opportunity to be inthe moment and cherish the present, not only for the food being served but also the people, the conversations and the atmosphere around you. Eatwith dining experience is more than sitting and eating. Come with an open heart and take in all the beauty that the experience has to offer.”

After experiencing the culinary delights of Seville, bring your dancing shoes to the much-anticipated networking event of the evening: the MPI Foundation Rendezvous. This ticketed activity is worth its while in networking and fundraising. Participants can not only enjoy conversating with one another, but also the live entertainment, open bar, and plenty of chances for dancing. Additionally, all proceeds will assist budding individuals in the industry achieve grants and scholarships for continuing their education.



Mikayla Milburn
Mikayla Milburn

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