IBTM Americas: Why Hilton believes in the Latin American market

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IBTM Americas: Why Hilton believes in the Latin American market

By Adrian Caire | Sep 15, 2023

Hilton offers more than 200 properties in 28 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region, so it only makes sense that they had a strong presence this week at IBTM Americas in Mexico City.

We spoke with Talita Longuini, assistant managing director of sales - Caribbean and Latin America for Hilton, who shared her insights on the importance of the Latin American market and the brand’s latest developments in the region.

She said Hilton’s presence in Latin America demonstrates its confidence in the strength and ongoing growth of this region.

How do you feel about being at IBTM Americas in Mexico City?

I am pleased and fortunate to be in Mexico City, a significant destination for Hilton, because of its variety of businesses.

Why is it important for Hilton to participate in meeting industry events such as IBTM Americas?

Hilton must have an excellent relationship with the industry, so it is essential to be part of trade shows like this one, as it helps us have greater brand recognition and presence with customers, hotels and the industry itself.

What activities did you plan for IBTM Americas this year?

We had 50 hosted buyers from all over the CALA region and about 30 hotels from the region and Europe. The objective was to mix destination and work activities to boost business potential.

What's new with Hilton properties in Latin America and Mexico in particular?

We are looking forward to the growth and diversification of Hilton’s portfolio in Latin America, which has not only increased in the number of hotels but also in different brands, which helps us understand the markets and their specific needs. The development of the all-inclusive segment, with nine hotels in operation and more to come, and luxury brands such as Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and LXR in Mexico, Panama, and the island of Anguilla have raised the regio’'s standards.

Why is Latin America an important market for Hilton?

Latin America is an important market, as it has made significant progress in the last 10 years, highlighting the added value that Hilton offers its customers with programs such as the ESG plan (environmental, social, and governance); the Travel with Purpose program, which seeks to generate a positive impact on communities and the environment; and the Hilton Honors loyalty program, which recognizes the progress and loyalty of customers.

Can you tell us about any trends you have experienced lately in Latin American meetings?

Customers are looking for business partners who can understand their business, are flexible and can have a long-term relationship.



Adrian Caire