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Dream about producing events like South by Southwest, the Miss America Competition or the Democratic National Convention?

The MPI Experiential Event Series takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most impressive entertainment, sports, culinary and mega-events and introduces you to the people who produce them, program the content, manage the thousands of volunteers, develop the security and crisis management protocols, set the marketing strategy and design the event experience. 




What Experiential Event Attendees Are Saying




Democratic National Conference | July 2016 | Philadelphia, PA

The week before thousands of delegates convened in Philadelphia for this historic event, MPI was there Event Professionals learned how to handle presidential-level security details, coordinating a fleet of volunteers in a way that minimized risk and how event organizers coordinated communications between event staff, local law enforcement and federal agents.

“I cannot stop raving about the entire program to anyone who will listen. I am highly recommending all my fellow meeting planners take part in upcoming programs of this event series.”




Consumer Electronics Show | January 2016 | Las Vegas, NV

At CES – the launch pad for new innovation and technology (and the world’s largest tradeshow) - MPI went behind the scenes with key personnel, received education and back-of-the-house tours, learning the ins and outs of planning a show for the global "who's who" of consumer technology.

“CES is a show I’ve always wanted to attend, but being able to attend with behind-the-scenes access was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The program definitely went beyond my expectations and there were wonderful surprises everywhere.




South By Southwest (SXSW) March 2017 | Austin, TX

South By Southwest is the only event of its kind: A music festival that’s also about film, comedy, entertainment, interactive technology, education, the environment and more. Event professionals met SXSW Executive Director Mike Shea and his team of six planners and gained insight on innovative volunteer, crowd, marketing and content strategies.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting the extreme behind-the-scenes access that was provided. Not just of the venues, but with the planners, volunteers and the partners. It was a good balance between networking, interaction, learning and fun.”




The Miss America Competition | Atlantic City, NJ | 2015

The Miss America pageant is a televised institution. But behind-the-scenes, event organizers still have to work closely with the host destination and TV producers, not to mention 50 of the country’s most beautiful (and potentially stressed-out) women. Event professionals learned how the multiple design and logistical pieces came together from the experts themselves.

““I sincerely enjoyed networking with other planners; having a bird’s-eye view at all the behind-the-scenes work that happens to pull off a nationally televised production; and getting a global perspective on how the Miss America Pageant has evolved over the last 95 years.”