MPI Corporate Membership Program



MPI offers a Corporate Membership option for businesses with multiple meeting and event professionals on staff which delivers savings on Planner and/or Supplier memberships. Corporate membership levels are defined by the number of employees who are part of a single independent firm, brand or chain.

Show your employees your commitment to the meeting and event industry and to their personal and professional development by purchasing a corporate membership. Provide them access to the benefits of all an MPI membership has to offer while helping them stay at the forefront of the latest industry news, trends and technology.



Want to talk? A dedicated MPI representative is happy to take your call at 972-702-3053 or email at



Advantages of Corporate Membership

For the company:

  • Transferable membership: An annual membership is owned by the company to support individual member engagement. The company can update the list of enrolled employees anytime. If an employee leaves, MPI will continue their individual membership separate from the company’s corporate membership. The member will have 60 days to renew their membership online at or by contacting member services at
  • Single invoicing: One annual payment enables instant membership benefit access to enrolled employees.
  • One $250/€ 250 transaction fee: Individual memberships incur a $50/€ 50 per person transaction fee. When you purchase a corporate membership package, your fee covers all the new members processed for the year.
  • Local network: Each employee has access to a network of 70 MPI chapters worldwide as well as industry research and news, unlimited on-demand education, online member chat forums, a membership directory and additional planning resources.
  • Discounted event pricing: Enrolled employees receive additional registration discounts on MPI’s signature live and virtual events and professional certificate programs.
  • Employee leadership opportunities: Enrolled employees become eligible to serve as local chapter leaders on MPI Chapter boards and volunteer committees. They also may apply to serve on one of MPI Global’s community advisory boards, advisory councils, task forces or committees.
  • Discount job board postings: Corporate membership delivers deep discounts to the MPI Career Center portal so you can advertise your open positions to the world’s largest community of meeting and event professionals.

Employees gain Preferred-level membership with the following benefits:

  • Global membership directory listing and access
  • 24/7 on-demand professional development
  • Free clock hours to attain or renew CMP and other certifications
  • MPI weekly newsletters
  • MPI industry research
  • Local chapter affiliation
  • Member rate for MPI global and local chapter events
  • Full access to the online MyMPI Community and All Members Forum
  • Global Marketplace access (planners) and listing (suppliers)
  • Free copy of The Essential Guide to Safety and Security: Meeting and Event Best Practices
  • Subscription to the award-winning The Meeting Professional® publication








Corporate Membership Package Levels

Package LevelNumber of IndividualsPlanner CostSupplier CostSavings
Supporter 10

$3,500 ($350/pp) USD/CAD
€ 3.090 (€ 309/pp) EUR

$4,700 ($470/pp) USD/CAD
€ 4.150 (€ 415/pp) EUR

$440 USD/CAD
€ 410 - € 600 EUR
Sponsor 15

$5,000 ($333/pp) USD/CAD
€ 4.425 (€ 295/pp) EUR

$6,600 ($440/pp) USD/CAD
€ 5.850 (€ 390/pp) EUR

$785 - $1,035 USD/CAD
€ 950 - € 1.400 EUR

$9,500 ($317/pp) USD/CAD
€ 8.280 (€ 276/pp) EUR

$12,500 ($417/pp) USD/CAD
€ 11.100 (€ 370/pp) EUR

$2,820 - $3,420 USD/CAD
€ 2.720 - € 3.650 EUR

$15,000 ($300/pp) USD/CAD
€ 13.000 (€ 260/pp) EUR

$19,500 ($390/pp) USD/CAD
€ 17.250 (€ 345/pp) EUR

$5,700 - $7,200 USD/CAD
€ 5.500 - € 7.500 EUR

$21,000 ($280/pp) USD/CAD
€ 18.300 (€ 244/pp) EUR

$27,500 ($367/pp) USD/CAD
€ 24.375 (€ 325/pp) EUR

$10,175 - $12,675 USD/CAD
€ 9.575 - € 12.875 EUR
Thought Leader100

$26,000 ($260/pp) USD/CAD
€ 22.800 (€ 228/pp) EUR

$34,200 ($342/pp) USD/CAD
€ 30.500 (€ 305/pp) EUR

$15,650 - $19,450 USD/CAD
€ 14.450 - € 19.250 EUR
*If you need additional memberships, use the per person (pp) cost of the nearest package level to calculate the additional amount due. Parent companies who are interested in enrolling employees across multiple brands or chains should contact us for pricing.