2021 GBOT Application

2023 MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction and fiduciary oversight of the fundraising and grant activities of the Foundation and to provide strategic direction and approval of Foundation projects.

Qualifications of Trustees

  • Applicant must be a member of MPI.
  • Applicant must have the ability to lead, viewed by others as a leader; an excellent reputation in the community.
  • Applicant must be able to take a strategic approach to find and develop unique opportunities to drive value.
  • Applicant should be familiar with good governance practices including to act in good faith and be diligent in making decisions, accountable by putting personal interests aside for the greater good of MPI Foundation and to comply with legal regulatory and reporting requirements and to serve as a guardian of MPI Foundation’s mission.
  • Applicant must be able to expand the MPI Foundation network and sphere of influence, including supporting MPI Foundation’s business development goals, ability to raise funds and elicit support from donors and sponsors.
  • Applicant must have a demonstrated knowledge of sound business practices; ability to make an insightful assessment of the external business landscape with the keen awareness of how success can be achieved.>

Duties and Commitments

  • Volunteer commitment up to three-year term.
    • 8 spots with 3-year terms
    • 1 spot with 1-year term
  • Drive the development of ideas to advance the industry including engagement of traditional and non-traditional sources of funding
  • Continuously seeks to identify future volunteer leaders.
  • Attendance at three (3) official board meetings each year.
    • In conjunction with WEC, typically in June.
    • In conjunction with IMEX America, in October 2023.
    • Attendance at the Strategic Planning meeting in Fall 2023.
  • Periodic board calls based on the needs of the organization.
  • Assume personal responsibility for expenses related to board activities, however, limited funding for airfare and lodging is available, if requested.

Trustee Application Assessment Process

Reviewers assess each application based on specific criteria, using numerical scores. All reviews are conducted with a single-minded goal to find the best candidate, with fairness and impartiality.

Every eligible application will be rated on its demonstration of 4 specific criteria, and this rating will be on a scale of 1-10. Criteria are revenue generation and fundraising; influence; MPI community; and financial oversight.

Each year, the weighting of criteria may change based on board vacancies and the industry's current challenges.


Applications close August 15.

At that time, each and every eligible application will be assessed and rated numerically. Reviews will be conducted August through September with the slate finalized in September.

In November, the International Board of Directors will confirm the slate of the 2023 Global Board of Trustees.








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