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Oregon/Aloha Chapter

Membership Achievement

The Oregon and Aloha Chapters, like others, have been hit hard by the global pandemic. On the Aloha Chapter side, the pandemic left many individuals without jobs resulting in them leaving the island. Those who remained shouldered significant responsibilities to keep the hospitality industry moving, leaving chapter responsibilities unfeasible both in terms of personnel and finances. The chapter was in jeopardy of dismantling.

However, MPI Oregon Chapter stepped in to help. Rather than inviting the Aloha members to join their chapter, they organized a 3-phase process, allowing the Aloha chapter to combine with the Oregon chapter on a temporary basis with the intention to have the Aloha chapter standing once again on their own in the future. Oregon provided a new temporary home to Aloha members and adjusted both content and outreach strategies to suit the cultures of both Aloha and Oregon members. Past leaders were recruited to build an advisory committee to build back Aloha, and two committees were appointed to do the leg work of rebuilding, one in Oregon and one in Hawaii. Together, these groups will help get MPI Aloha back on its feet with the right leaders on a path to success.