Experiences for Meetings in Puerto Rico

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Experiences for Meetings in Puerto Rico

By Discover Puerto Rico | Nov 10, 2023

Puerto Rico's unique history and culture offer attendees one-of-a-kind experiences that will broaden their perspectives and give them the opportunity to create a deeper connection to the Island's people and traditions.

From mixology classes with local rum distillers to salsa lessons and historical tours, here are some of the top local experiences you can offer attendees at your next meeting or event.

Rum Tastings

Puerto Rico is the Rum Capital of the World, home to some of the most legendary distilleries. After a productive day of meetings and breakout sessions, treat your attendees to a tasting and tour of Casa BACARDÍ, the world's largest premium rum distillery. They'll see how the famous spirit is made and learn how to whip up the perfect rum cocktail. In Ponce, learn more about Puerto Rican rum at Castillo Serrallés, a luxurious 1865 mansion that was built by the founder of the famous Don Q rum brand. It's also a popular spot for parties and networking events, and guests can admire the Spanish revivalist architecture, lush gardens, and lavish guest rooms with a glass of Don Q in hand.

Coffee Tours

Coffee has been part of Puerto Rico's culture since the 1700s. The Island's volcanic soil and high altitude bring out the best of the bean, resulting in a rich, chocolatey brew that pairs perfectly with local sweets like quesitos and dulce de coco. The Discover Puerto Rico meetings team can help arrange a group excursion to locally run plantations like Hacienda Lealtad. As guests tour the wooden buildings where the coffee beans are stored and roasted, they'll feel like they've gone back to the 1800s when coffee was one of the Island's top exports.

Salsa Lessons

A visit to Puerto Rico is not complete without at least one night of salsa dancing. Host a teambuilding dance lesson at Piso Viejo in Calle Loíza. After your group learns how to master the dance's signature forward-backward step, they can strut their stuff as a live band plays classic hits like "Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso" ("Without Salsa, There Is No Paradise") and "Me Liberé" ("I Broke Free").

Wellness & Relaxation

Puerto Rico is a place where well-being is given top priority. This is true in everything from the food we eat to the sharing of experiences to the way we enjoy our leisure time, soaking up the peace and beauty of the Island's diverse natural environments.

There are several ways you can bring this spirit to your meeting. Plan group activities that take advantage of Puerto Rico's spectacular outdoors, like group tours to El Yunque National Forest or one of our three bioluminescent bays. Or, bring your team together by exploring the many retreats and wellness services on offer, including custom packages and full property buyouts in inspiring settings.

Farm-to-Table Caribbean Cuisine

Puerto Rican chefs have always taken a farm-to-table approach to their cooking. The Island's original settlers, the Taínos, used local yuca, corn, and peppers to craft dishes like mofongo and pastelón. Over the centuries, an influx of settlers from Spain, Africa, and Latin American countries have introduced new flavors and cooking techniques to the Island's palate, but the focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients remains the same.

Your guests can get a literal taste of Puerto Rican history on a themed food tour. The Discover Puerto Rico team can help arrange experiences like a mofongo and mojito walking tour or even cooking lessons with a local chef. For an only-in-Puerto Rico experience, hop aboard the Chinchorreo Bus to visit some of the Island's best—and most authentic—food stands and kiosks. Your group will sample local dishes like fritters and fried plantains while enjoying an adventurous ride through the mountains and rainforests.

For an elegant spin on Puerto Rican cuisine, host your closing night reception at Santaella. Run by one of the Island's youngest and most ambitious chefs, José Santaella, this trendy San Juan restaurant uses local, organic ingredients to craft dishes like veal cheeks and pork belly. Another can't-miss dining experience is 1919 Restaurant, located in the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. Michelin Star-rated Executive Chef Juan José Cuevas draws from his experience working at some of the world's finest restaurants to create dishes like curried lamb and garlic-roasted shrimp. With its expansive wall of windows overlooking the sea, the restaurant has amazing ocean views as well as some of the Island's freshest farm-to-table cuisine.



Discover Puerto Rico

Rich history and culture, exceptional food, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, relaxation, adventure — all packed into one sun-kissed Caribbean paradise. Puerto Rico is full of people who are welcoming and buena gente (which is Boricua lingo for kind and friendly). Here, you’ll feel like you are family instead of just a visitor. Around every corner, you’ll find a celebration of life, a vibrant cultural experience, food for the soul, and a captivating rhythm.

Dare to discover the many treasures of Puerto Rico. Get inspired and start planning your trip. Let us be the first to say, bienvenidos.