How are you staying positive during the coronavirus pandemic?

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How are you staying positive during the coronavirus pandemic?

By Blair Potter | Mar 25, 2020

“A sense of belonging is more important that ever.”

April-Ferguson Majbritt-Sandberg Laura-Kesselman

“I am staying positive by avoiding the majority of the news and being grateful of the fact that so far my loved ones are safe and healthy. When my kids start to drive me crazy because they’re bored, I take a break from what I’m doing and finger paint with them or read a book. Being mindful that spending time with them is a gift is tough, but like my mom always says, a little gratitude goes a long way.”

April Ferguson, CMP, CMM
Cisco Systems Inc.
MPI Oregon Chapter

“My three go-to words are structure, strategy and smile. I have made a list of things I can get organized, get better at and develop during the next few weeks and have prioritized them and go through them one at a time. I have dusted off the books that I have been meaning to read for ages, and I limit screen time and use the time to go in-depth on learning and development, both professionally and personally. I connect with colleagues and partners virtually to see if I can be of any help or we can collaborate in any way. As the president of MPI Scandinavia, reaching out and creating a sense of community is extremely important, even on a smaller scale in our MPI community. A sense of belonging is more important than ever.”

Majbritt Sandberg
Bullseye Branding
MPI Scandinavia Chapter

“I think we should all be very proud of how we as an industry have pivoted. Planners all over the world are watching webinars to learn how to deliver the best virtual options and are openly sharing their trials and tribulations. Our clients deserve kudos as they navigate a whole new world—their businesses are on the line, too. All of the state agencies I work with are in emergency mode and have the responsibility to make sure our communities are cared for.”

Laura Kesselman, CMM
Kesselman-Jones Inc.
MPI New Mexico Chapter




Blair Potter
Blair Potter

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