MPI RISE Awards: Caribe Mexicano Chapter, Innovative Educational Programming

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MPI RISE Awards: Caribe Mexicano Chapter, Innovative Educational Programming

By Rich Luna | Jul 19, 2021

The MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter received the 2021 MPI RISE Award for Innovative Educational Programming. This award recognizes an MPI chapter or club that has created innovative programming that advances the education and professional development of its members. We spoke with 2020-2021 Chapter President Valeria Serrano about the award.

This award honors Innovative Educational Programming. What does it mean for the chapter to receive this RISE Award?

Receiving this RISE Award has meant a great achievement for the chapter, not only because it is the second consecutive RISE Award, but also because one of our main objectives is to become the leading source of education and professionalization in the local and domestic meeting and event industry. Obtaining this recognition is the ratification that we are doing things right, that our efforts and results are recognized, and encourages us to continue with better and more ambitious educational projects.

What was the inspiration for your chapter’s work?

Mainly, as we all know, it was the health circumstances that prompted us to make a change in our educational program, turning it into virtual and later hybrid. However, empathy and genuine care for our members and our passion for our industry motivated us to create an educational program focused not only on professionalization, but also on personal well-being, including topics which provided containment, support, tools to help our industry members overcome the situation of the pandemic and, above all, creating a greater sense of community within MPI.

How has the success of this program inspired and motived the chapter going forward?

The success of this program has left us with a great challenge to overcome. It motivates us to keep moving forward and always continue to achieve new triumphs. It has created new challenges and more ambitious objectives, motivating us to continue working to strengthen MPICMC in all its areas and to look for another RISE Award. It has shown us that it is possible, and we want to go for more successes.

How has the chapter’s commitment to education and programming helped raise the profile of your chapter and MPI with meeting professionals in your community?

Mainly it has put MPICMC and MPI in the sights of industry leaders, generating greater interest and participation in our educational events. MPICMC has earned recognition as an expert in the meeting industry, positioning us as a leading voice within our local authorities, as well as within the student and faculty of the tourism community. We have currently been invited to participate in the teaching of a specialized lecture in meetings and events at one of the most important universities in the destination, Anahuac University, for their Tourism and Entertainment & Special Events degrees.

What was the best lesson learned from this experience?

It has taught us that the key to success, in addition to having a clear objective and working as a team with passion and commitment to achieve it, also needs creativity, flexibility, out of the box thinking and resilience.

What are the values that inspire your chapter?

Commitment to excellence, empathy and genuine care, honesty and integrity and competitiveness.

What’s next for your chapter?

Continuity. MPICMC was founded with four very clear objectives: bringing education provided by MPI, creating networking opportunities locally, uniting the meetings community in the promotion and branding efforts of the Mexican Caribbean and giving greater exposure to the Mexican Caribbean’s meeting and event industry. Today we have achieved a strong and committed membership and we have managed to implement a solid educational program with a great reputation. Our goal for the future is to become a profitable source of networking for our partners and to be a great advocate for the meeting and event industry, and continue to position MPI, both in Mexico and in Latin America.

How has the chapter coped with the COVID crisis?

It has been a very complicated situation. Many of our partners lost their jobs, others such as small business owners lost all their business in 2019 and 2020. However, the teamwork and commitment of the board, who were always present in all actions that we implemented to contain and support our partners, brought us together as a passionate, empathetic, resilient and professional community. This motivated us and our members to keep on going, not to mention the help of MPI with their free educational support, scholarships and memberships—that was a key factor for us (the board) to continue working, supporting and strengthening MPICMC and our entire membership as well as our meeting and event community.

What advice would you give to MPI chapters about high-level engagement in our industry?

The members of our industry are great professionals, creative, resilient and passionate. They seek to find in MPI, in addition to professional business opportunities for their companies, personal and professional growth and career opportunities. The boards of each chapter must focus their volunteer work on meeting those needs, providing state-of-the-art education for both professional and personal development and delivering a genius sense of community that supports, shares and has fun while doing business.

Who were the key members involved in this initiative that resulted in the MPI RISE Award for Innovative Educational Programming?

Flor Lopez, vice president of education; Carmen Galvan, director of educational programs; and Humberto Garcia, director of special events.

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Rich Luna

Rich Luna is Director of Publishing for MPI and Editor-in-chief of The Meeting Professional.