Q&A: Yes, Quebecers Speak English & More Insights from MPI's Montreal Quebec Chapter

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Q&A: Yes, Quebecers Speak English & More Insights from MPI's Montreal Quebec Chapter

By Johnalee Johnston | Jan 20, 2020

We spoke with Renee Ladouceur of MPI's Montreal Quebec chapter about destination misconceptions and the local social issues that are impacting her chapter. Here's what she had to say.

What current social issue is most relevant or of concern to your chapter or destination and why?

The most relevant social issue for our chapter at this time is offering environmentally-friendly events. Having a responsible approach in regards to the sustainability of our events has become extremely important to our board as well as our chapter members who wish to be affiliated with an association that reflects their values. The sustainability of the meetings and events industry is at the forefront of companies' and planners' minds.

Is your chapter actively involved in helping to solve or bring awareness to this issue or activism in general? Any local partnerships to this regard?

We are committed to offering greener events to our chapter members. I would also like to point out that our action plan was drafted by our Director of Communications, Caroline Voyer, director of the Conseil Québecois des événements écoresponsables (Québec council of environmentally responsible events). 

What is the biggest trend you are seeing or expecting this year? 

The keyword here again is sustainability. A focus on events with locally sourced ingredients that shines a spotlight on area producers and flavors, more plant-based alternative menus and waste-free processes that ensure food is not frivolously discarded.

What event or project organized by your chapter are you most looking forward to and why?

I'm most looking forward to The EVENT, a joint chapter (MPI Toronto + MPI Montreal/Quebec + MPI Ottawa) educational experience that is driven by creativity. An immersive and unique event experience that unites members of three Canadian chapters in order to cultivate new ideas, collaborate on existing ones and elevate the meetings industry as a whole. We receive attendees from all over the country, it's a wonderful opportunity for Canadian MPI members to connect with one another and other industry professionals from around the country.

Are there any misconceptions about your destination that you'd like to clear up?

We only speak French in Québec. Indeed, Québec is a French-speaking province, many Québecers are skilled in both French and English. So worry not! Your attendees will even love trying out some of the local vernacular



Johnalee Johnston
Johnalee Johnston

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