RISE: MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter, Industry Advocate

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RISE: MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter, Industry Advocate

By Michael Pinchera | Jun 13, 2023

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MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter’s collaboration with its local, international and governmental communities generated business exchange opportunities and networking, as well as a greater awareness of the entire Yucatan Peninsula to the MICE industry.

Among its array of accomplishments, MPI Caribe Mexicano boasts a three-year-running Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) celebration—their 2023 GMID event featured a drone show and ensured the event’s entire estimated cost was sponsored. Further, at the chapter board’s swearing-in ceremonies, the chapter hosted government officials to preside over the event, including the Ministry of Tourism, the mayor of Cancun and the governor of Quintana Roo state. These events create synergy, establish credibility and enhance understanding of what the MICE industry represents.

As a result of these three past years of relationships with government authorities, the chapter has achieved credibility and received financial support to create an annual flagship event: Vive MICE. On a global scale, the chapter has built industry connections and solidified relationships with five U.S.-based MPI chapters through hosting board retreats, thereby creating networking events with the objective to develop and enhance business relations on an international scale.

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What’s the “secret sauce” that helps a chapter succeed?

Flor Lopez, chapter president: We are constantly striving to maintain our actual membership and inviting new members to be part of our chapter in a very personal way, letting them know that they are the most important ingredient of our secret sauce. 

It is very important to show and demonstrate the value of being part of MPI to the membership and community. We do frequent webinars on how to get the most of your membership by using website tools and connecting with the global MPI community.

We also focus on generating educational events with interesting topics for our members but always with the strategy of a networking event.

We constantly look for community engagement: Marketplace chats, monthly newsletter, invitations to participate in an industry panel, opportunities of sponsorships in monthly events, continuous invitations open to be part of the board, no-cost holiday parties, networking with U.S. meeting planners, participate in social responsibility events, etc.

We make at least three social events to gather outside of office hours and dedicate time to know each other and strengthen community relations. 

Were there any “ah ha” moments or lessons learned in the past year that you’d like to share regarding your chapter’s approach industry advocacy?

Getting our MPI footprint with the community and with the local government work hand in hand with the local CVB and office of tourism.

Work together as a destination to attract more meetings and event. If an event doesn’t fit on your property pass it along to another where it will fit.

Involvement with the local tourism authorities or CVBs for sponsorships and local support. This has been an extraordinary success case, we have got in the past two years of the chapter more than $145,000 to make our MPI ViveMICE flag event with up to 100 meeting planners attending the event. 

How do you sustain success knowing good leaders will leave following their terms?

The actual leaders have to take responsibility and commitment to interact and develop strong relationships with the new players and future leaders in the community.

Continuity will be a strong ingredient to the success of the chapter leadership.

Since the foundation of the chapter almost five years ago, we have tried to maintain continuity on previous chapter actions and objectives. 

What tips would you give to other MPI chapters?

  • Focus on the importance of the chapter and how it benefits members individually and the community.
  • Work hand in hand with the local CVB and office of tourism of your location, so they can support sponsorships.
  • Network and get to know the members of your community to develop strong relationships with future chapter leaders.
  • Work together as a destination to attract more meetings and events—make this teamwork for your destination.
  • Always share the importance of MPI as a professional development and networking tool.
  • Have social events to gather outside of office hours to get to know each other and strength community relations.
  • Membership is the most important ingredient of your secret sauce, so always, always make it personal!
  • Plan your educational events with interesting topics and negotiate with speakers bureaus, explaining the benefits of sponsoring MPI events.


Michael Pinchera

Michael Pinchera, MPI's managing editor, is an award-winning writer and editor as well as a speaker, technologist and contributor to business, academic and pop culture publications since 1997.