The New Age of Medical Meetings

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The New Age of Medical Meetings

By Johnalee Johnston | May 26, 2020

And just like that, COVID became the nudge that not only helped planners over the technological hump, but heralded a new age for traditional medicine as well.

It’s ironic to think that a virus that has brought the world to its knees could also be helping to advance society to a new evolutionary threshold. Or at least, trying to. Whether newfound connections to nature and a desire to safeguard and protect it, the shift toward collaboration over competition or embracing spirituality as a catalyst for purposeful productivity, we seem to be amidst a global recalibration of values to which no industry is immune.

This is especially true in the realm of meetings and events, which has been swept down the white water, sink or swim, and forced to reconfigure its flow. If your niche happens to be medical meetings, as it is for those in MPI’s MD community, the rise of virtual medicine and a demand for alternatives to face-to-face meetings is likely challenging you to test out some of the same innovations that your attendees use in their day-to-day roles.

One such innovation is multi-location holographic telepresence, a trend in the biz, if you ask MPI community member Andrew Dorcas of ARHT Media Inc. The technology, he says, “brings thought leaders, research experts, medical experts and others to multiple locations without the need for travel and large gatherings, but in a premium way that raises engagement and recall.”

The outbreak of coronavirus has prompted the use of holographs in both virtual and hybrid meetings. And if the expectation that smaller regional meetings and their scalable solutions will lead the way in a post-coronavirus world is correct, the new frontier of hybrid meetings will be anything but ho-hum.

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Johnalee Johnston
Johnalee Johnston

Johnalee Johnston is a wildly creative and curious disruptor of the status quo and the former digital editor for MPI.