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Using LinkedIn as we gear up for WEC

By Leanne Calderwood, CMP | May 7, 2024

It’s less than two weeks away! As we approach the exciting MPI World Education Congress (WEC) in Louisville, Ky.—May 20-22—the air is buzzing with anticipation and the opportunity to connect with old friends and make some new ones. While face-to-face interactions are invaluable, starting your networking digitally on LinkedIn can give you a significant head start.

Here’s how you can leverage LinkedIn to maximize your experience at WEC.

Tip 1: Update and optimize your LinkedIn profile

Before you step into the busy corridors of the Kentucky International Convention Center, take a moment to polish your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is your first impression—make it count. Ensure your current role and achievements are up-to-date, particularly those relevant to the meeting and event industry. A professional headshot, a compelling headline and a detailed summary that echoes your passion for the industry are essentials. Consider this your digital handshake; you want it to be as impactful as your physical one.

Tip 2: Pre-event connection and engagement

One of the most strategic moves you can make is to connect with fellow WEC attendees before the event even begins. Use the event’s hashtag, #WECLouisville, to find and join conversations. Engage with posts by liking, commenting and sharing relevant content. This visibility will make you a familiar face, paving the way for smoother introductions during the actual event (perfect for us introverts!). Don’t hesitate to reach out with personalized connection requests. Mention your excitement about the event and express your interest in exchanging insights. 

Tip 3: Share your insights and anticipation

Build excitement and position yourself as a thought leader by sharing posts about your preparation and expectations for the congress. Write about specific sessions you are looking forward to and why. Share articles relevant to the upcoming themes of the congress or publish a post about trends you believe will shape the future of event planning. This not only shows your proactive engagement with your industry but also sparks conversations that might lead to deeper connections during the congress.

Networking at major industry events like WEC can be overwhelming, but LinkedIn offers a fantastic platform to make it manageable and fruitful. The goal of using LinkedIn in conjunction with WEC is not just to meet new people but to create lasting connections that can significantly impact your professional journey. The digital groundwork we lay today is just as important as the handshakes we’ll exchange tomorrow.

Will I see you on the platform and at #WECLouisville this year?

P.S. Start connecting with WEC attendees today (you can start with me!). See you in Louisville!



Leanne Calderwood, CMP

A self-professed raging introvert and obsessive tea drinker, Leanne created her personal brand to help avoid cold calling prospects and dared to do things differently. She built a thriving six-figure business in the meeting and event industry on the back of her brand and LinkedIn presence, and now helps others do the same through her training, speaking and digital courses.

When she’s not obsessing over business and branding trends, you can find Leanne drinking wine at home in Kelowna with her husband, her two soon-to-be-adult sons and her dog Farls Barkley.