Volunteer Week: Rebecca DeLuca, CMP

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Volunteer Week: Rebecca DeLuca, CMP

By Rebecca DeLuca, CMP | Apr 30, 2023

Hey MPI! Rebecca DeLuca here. I’m excited to take a few minutes to share my MPI story with you.

I have a fun history with MPI and was exposed to the organization from the very beginning of my career. My first industry job was a meeting planner with Cardinal Health, during which I attended MPI-PEC (back in the day) in New Orleans as my first MPI event. About a year later I ended up moving to Las Vegas, taking on my first hotel job as a Convention Services Manager at Mandalay Bay. I was responsible for supporting MPI WEC 2008, which set record-attendance, capped off by a party on the beach. If you were there, you know that closing reception was out of this world.

I started getting involved as a volunteer with MPI in 2013 when I was living in Chicago, working in a new role as a sales executive for the LVCVA (Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority). I was tapped by a chapter leader to help co-chair the MPI CAC Holiday Party and had an absolute blast organizing and executing that party for over 500 people, which was the largest and most profitable holiday party up to that point for the chapter. After that I was hooked and quickly joined the Board of Directors and proceeded to serve several years as VP of Education. During my time as a chapter leader, I made some incredible friendships and consider some of those my most meaningful friendships to this day. A lot of bonding happens in chapter leadership!

When I started a family in 2016, I chose to take a step back from the chapter board but continued to serve MPI Global through various task forces and advisory councils. Being passionate about education, I helped review speaker proposals for WEC, which was a terrific way to feel like I was giving back. I also co-chaired the MPI Women’s Advisory Board in 2020 which was an interesting leadership role during an even more interesting time!

I’m now serving my second year as trustee on the Global Board of Trustees (GBOT), working to fundraise and grow awareness for the MPI Foundation. I find the work incredibly fulfilling because while I have been fortunate to have had my membership and ongoing education paid for by my various employers, I recognize not everyone has that benefit. The MPI Foundation directly gives back to MPI members in the forms of membership and education grants to those that need them. During the pandemic the Foundation directly supported over 1/3 of the entire MPI membership with a grant. The numbers are incredible when you take a minute to think about an organization directly giving back to more than 1/3 of its membership. It’s likely you know several beneficiaries of an MPI Foundation grant and just don’t know it.

My WHY MPI has evolved over the years. At the beginning of my MPI career, I leaned into volunteerism to grow my network and my skills, by actively serving on committees and growing into leadership positions. I was able to sharpen my toolkit and exposed myself to challenges that I wasn’t experiencing in my day-to-day “paying” job.

As I grew as a leader within MPI my career grew along with it, and I gained clear understanding of my desire to be in leadership and coach a team to a shared goal. I firmly believe that my success with MPI directly correlates to my success in my career.

My WHY MPI now is about giving back to the organization that gave so much to me. I’m passionate about advocating for MPI and the resources available to the meetings industry through an MPI Membership. The MPI Foundation exists to give back to members – existing or future!

Whatever your goals, your ambitions, your needs, MPI has something to support your growth along the way. I’m forever thankful for my MPI family and I know I’m a better person, friend, and leader for my volunteer involvement through the years. I look forward to an endless career supporting MPI and empowering future leaders, the same way I have been empowered and inspired throughout the years. My door is always open to any aspiring leaders out there – find me on LinkedIn and let’s connect!

Rebecca DeLuca, CMP
Director of Key Accounts & Strategic Partnerships, Caesars Entertainment
MPI Chicago Area Chapter
MPI GBOT and 2023 US Council Chair



Rebecca DeLuca, CMP

Rebecca DeLuca, CMP, is director of key accounts and strategic partnerships at Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas. A member of the MPI Chicago Area Chapter, she first joined MPI as a meeting planner in 2005 and joined a second time in 2011 as a supplier.