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Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together

Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together, an inspiring corporate docuseries on the resurgence of professional meetings and events and the professionals behind the scenes. The series explores the relationship between in-person gatherings and events and the many benefits to business acceleration.  The irreplaceable human connections that mold and define us are reliant on the coming together of people—live and in-person—to shape and enhance us and our communities. Whether you attend or facilitate, live event experiences provide immeasurable human value and opportunity to everyone involved.

Episode 6

Event Transportation Essentials | Inside the Industry that Brings People

Leaders with Carey Meetings & Event Services discuss why ground transportation is essential for purposeful gatherings with reliable logistics to move people to and from important meetings and events.

Episode 1 
Influencing Meetings and Events

Episode 2 
Meeting Destinations that Matter
Greater Ontario CVB

Episode 3 
Immersive & Creative Exhibit Designs

Episode 4
Episode 4 - Purposeful Event Destinations | Inside the Industry that Brings People Together | Visit Central Oregon

Episode 5
Global Venues that Inspire | Inside the Industry that Brings People Together|
ICC Sydney

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