Planning the best event means preparing for the worst.

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Emergency Preparedness for Events

What You'll Learn

  Differentiate between events and incidents for managing risk onsite at meetings and events of all kinds

  Identify various stakeholders in communication and collaboration for meeting and event emergency preparedness

Apply risk assessment and management techniques to mitigate, transfer, accept and/or avoid risk


  Implement and execute the critical components of the emergency planning process

   Create post-event reports and lessons learned and implement tactics for continuous improvement

For your events, you can secure top subject matter experts, cutting-edge multimedia vendors and the tastiest F&B. But are you securing the most important aspect—the safety of your attendees?

Your No. 1 role as a meeting professional is ensuring the security of the people you bring together. How prepared do you feel during a crisis or incident? Do you have the plans in place to successfully navigate an emergency?

MPI’s Emergency Preparedness for Events Certificate Program gives you the tools you need to effectively plan for— and respond to—crisis situations and deliver on your responsibility to both your attendees and your organization. You’ll learn how you can ensure the safety and security of all attendees, limit damage and restore services in the event of an emergency. 

Through this six-hour certificate course, developed in partnership with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at the University of Southern Mississippi, you’ll build and maintain an understanding of risk management and emergency planning process. You’ll learn processes for risk assessment and emergency preparedness, adapted from the best-in-class experts in marathons and World Cups, and take a deep dive into incident management strategies as needed for the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from all-hazard emergency incidents. You’ll also learn techniques to prevent and respond to everything from ordinary incidents such as fights or drunkenness to extraordinary crimes, violence, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Course Curriculum Authored by: 

MaryAnne P. Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM, Bobrow Associates, Inc. 
Michael Owen, EventGenuity, LLC

About the MPI - NCS4 Partnership

Like spectator sports, meetings and events are soft targets. They often take place over several legal jurisdictions and involve transportation, crowd control and multiple indoor/outdoor spaces. NCS4's mission is to conduct innovative research, deliver quality training, and enhance professional development. This dovetails neatly with MPI's vision to lead and empower the meeting and event community to change the world – in this case, that change begins with creating safer and more secure meetings and events.


Participants of this course receive the following after program completion: 

  • CMP clock hours: 6

What Our Attendees Say

"Emergency Preparedness for Events was an excellent class and worth the cost and time!"

~ Victoria Thein, CMP

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