Event Leadership Strategist Certificate Program

Develop & define your leadership voice.

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Program Overview


4 Clock Hours – Domain E: Human Resources or Domain F: Stakeholder Management

The Event Leadership Strategist Certificate Course is a 4-hour course designed for new to midlevel professionals who want to develop and strengthen their unique leadership voice. This class will help you define, own, and share your personal leadership voice to make you a more competitive and confident professional within the meetings & events industry.

The Event Leadership Strategist course is an essential part of the career strategy for every professional within the meetings & events industry. Whether you have been in the business many years or are just getting started, you will benefit from the clarity of understanding your leadership voice and the power it holds.

Course Details

The Event Leadership Strategist Certificate Course will help you professionally distinguish yourself by:

  • Increasing your confidence.
  • Defining your unique voice.
  • Learning to say what needs to be said without getting dismissed.
  • Increase your influence and your effectiveness.
  • Be respectful while being heard.
  • Future proof your career.

Despite decades of research, millions of leadership articles and books, there is no widely accepted definition of leadership. That is because each person’s approach to leadership is as unique as the leader. Attend this session to get clear on your unique leadership and breakthrough the career barriers holding you back from your next level of success.

Bust Leadership Myths   

The world is ripe with myths about leadership such as:

  • Leadership is about a title or a position you hold (TRUTH: Leadership is about action).
  • When it’s your time, someone will invite you to the top TRUTH: You need to shape your own path).
  • Leaders are born (TRUTH: They are created, and you have the potential if you apply yourself).

Join this course to challenge assumptions that may be holding you back. As John Quincy Adams said, “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!”

Get the Edge in Life and Leadership:

Increase your effectiveness and influence by improving the clarity and strength of your leadership voice.  This session is for mold-breaking, high-impact leaders to identify their unique skills and leadership perspective, so they can lead in unexpected ways and achieve unprecedented results.

  • Understand the dimensions of a leadership voice to get clear on your unique voice. Do you know how you sound? How should you sound? Where are you on the magic quadrant?
  • Create a personal leadership definition so that you capture your unique, dynamic natural ability (DNA) and lead in a more authentic manner based on what leadership means to you.
  • Own Your Impact and Increase Your Influence. Create an actionable plan to improve your leadership effectiveness.

Donna Brighton

Donna Brighton


Donna Brighton is a culture change strategist, leadership coach, masterful facilitator, and keynote speaker. She helps leaders uncork their potential and lead from the exponential power that comes from the core of who they are, rather than trying to fit into a leadership mold. To empower leaders, she developed a potent process of clarifying and strengthening Your Leadership Voice.

With an M.S. in Organizational Leadership as well an advanced certification in Organizational Change Management Donna’s education was foundational in her ongoing quest to learn. She is a lifelong nonconformist whose favorite question is “why?” Donna is the author of the Rebel Leader’s Field Guide to Your Leadership Voice.

Donna is a catalyst for positive change and a liberator of potential, dedicated to enlarging leaders’ vision of who they are and what they can achieve. Join her in challenging the status quo to transform the practice of leadership. When she’s not traveling the world experiencing wine and creating connections with Leadership Uncorked, she can be reached at change@brightonleadershop.com


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