Medical Meeting Professionals

Learn the role of sustainability, safety, and compliance and ethics in planning medical meetings.


Knowledge Transfer

  • Understand what qualifies as a medical meeting
  • Learn the steps of planning medical meetings
  • Execute areas of planning medical meetings, including sourcing, transportation, food and beverage, speakers, tradeshows and exhibits and productions
  • Develop budgets, billing and analytics associated with planning medical meetings
  • Discuss producing virtual and hybrid medical meetings
  • Determine how sustainability, safety procedures and best practices play a role in planning medical meetings
  • Learn the role of compliance and ethics in planning medical meetings
  • Verify your credential with a digital badge to add to your email, social media and more.



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As a result of COVID, the great resignation, talent loss, talent shifts, inflation, emotional and physical burnout, customer behavior change and other factors, there are many new planners who need to be professionally trained on the science of planning medical meetings. Experienced planners may also need to upskill their education. The healthcare world can be complex and confusing, and having the Medical Meeting Planning (MMP) Certificate can mitigate risks and consequences.

An individual who obtains their MMP certificate is someone with knowledge of relevant planning, terminologies, processes, and compliance regulations for healthcare meetings. Knowledge and expertise in basic medical meeting planning will assist in understanding and practical operations sufficient to assist the meeting professional in understanding and addressing obligations and skills.

Registrants must purchase "How to Plan Medical Meetings and Events" in order to attend the course. Pre-reading this book prior to the course is recommended. Books must be purchased here:  Publishing Concepts LLC.

          Print book costs $89 and eBook costs $80.