Transform yourself from meeting planner to event strategist.

Career boosters:

Meeting & Event Strategist

What You'll Learn

  Articulate how—and by how much—your meetings drive growth, efficiency and loyalty for your business and brand

  Implement event measurement programs using proven change management models and key stakeholder support

Speak in terms understood by your Chief Financial Officer and business leaders with additional financial literacy


  Develop and create goals and SMART objectives that allow you to gain true insight into the value your meetings drive

   Create measurements that actually matter for your business (and not just attendee satisfaction) and better understand how the behavior change your meetings create drives positive fiscal growth for your organization

   Analyze and report your results to key business leaders and articulate the quantifiable value of meetings and events

As an event professional, how do you become not only a key player but a business leader in your organization? By positioning yourself as an event professional who can drive strategy, value and the bottom line. By transforming yourself into a Meeting & Event Strategist. 

With MPI’s Meeting & Event Strategist Certificate Program, you’ll learn how to deliver meetings and events that help your organization achieve business goals and drive efficiencies in the workplace. You’ll develop future-ready skills and expertise required to not only thrive in your organization but actually have a seat at the table.

Through this program, you’ll understand the business value of events and ensure that they successfully achieve objectives, justify costs, and provide authentic and deliberate experiences to attendees. Upon completion, you’ll no longer be a meeting planner; you’ll be an Event Strategist that drives growth and value for your organization, and you’ll be able to communicate that value to leadership.


Participants of this course receive the following after program completion: 

  • Certificate of completion in Meeting & Event Strategist
  • 6 clock hours in CMP-IS Strategic Domain A: Strategic Planning

What Our Attendees Say

"Lori was phenomenal. She addressed the current issues facing our industry and was able to give us examples of how the theories/philosophies have been applied in industry as we embrace Hybrid Events even more."

~ Donna Hodge

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Instructor: Nancy Snowden

Nancy Snowden serves MPI as the Manager of Educational Experiences. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Arts in Adult Education and has worked for nearly a decade creating meaningful developmental experiences for students and adult learners. She loves connecting individuals with the resources they need to maximize their potential and is excited by the opportunity to bring fresh and innovative learning experiences to the meetings and events industry.


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Meeting & Event Strategist



Course Dates:

9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST

March 22, 2023 (Live-Online)

June 29, 2023 (Live-Online)

September 21, 2023 (Live-Online)

Members: $505 / Non-Member: $705