2022 Digital Experience Destination-You

When life feels like it's always on the go, boundaries and asking for help can feel difficult. Living a life that feels balanced is not an easy feat. But there are some tangible ways to make changes that will allow you more balance than ever before!

Join us on an exploration of self-discovery. The destination? You.

Speakers & Sessions


Greg Offner

The Performance Agreement

Create a Culture of High Performing, Highly Fulfilled People

Good organizations develop their employees while great organizations develop their people. And right now, you’re thinking: "What’s the difference?" The answer to that question is at the heart of leadership challenges, disengagement, and employee retention.

Using stories, statistics, and songs, this keynote will empower and inspire attendees to take the ‘IRK’ out of WORK, use their opportunity to make an impact, and create something truly extraordinary.​



Stacey Ruth

Own Your Own Shift

The Passion, Power & Freedom to Be Unstoppable

You already know what you want. Now, how can you go from wanting it to attaining it? Learn the 12 universal stages that take us from stuck to unstoppable, no matter what our goals are. Based on Stacey's acclaimed book, Own You Own Shift: The Passion, Power & Freedom to Be Unstoppable, this whirlwind tour of transformation is infinitely practical and inspiring.



Community Panel

The Workplace of the Future

Numerous research entities from Qualtrics to Gallup and even LinkedIn have curated reports sharing the forecast for the future of work and the increasingly high expectations of employees as it relates to their own wellbeing. Leaders, too, are pondering this shift and thinking as to how they can maintain the integrity of their businesses and organizations, while also prioritizing their teams. Join us for a panel conversation from multiple perspectives as we discuss with industry and MPI community thought leaders the spectrum of workplace dynamics and considerations that is now at the forefront of workplace culture.