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Speaker Session Series



Speaker Session Series: The Performance Agreement with Greg Offner

October 24, 2022

2022 has been dubbed by many as the “end of the sage on a stage” era of speaking – and rightly so. But what if you could get a closer listen to who is new or next in our industry without all the fanfare? Imagine discovering the next book you can’t put down or song you play on repeat, or even the next keynote you can never forget? Tune in to - our new speaker session series where it’s just you, a featured speaker & the microphone. 



November 2, 2022

Talking about mental health and wellbeing shouldn't be taboo. That's why MPI has partnered with Braindate and Event Minds Matter to end the stigma of putting people first and start the conversation about mental health in the meeting industry. Having the fifth-most stressful job isn't a badge of honor. Join our series of curated conversations on how to change that.

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Destination You

Becoming the Main Character

December 7, 2022

One of the most beautiful things about MPI and the community of meeting professionals, destinations, venues around the world are the unique stories that exist – that weave together to make up the fabric of who we are as an industry.

In MPI’s 50th year, we want to celebrate these stories and provide a platform to honor the stories of the past, present, and future. Because who we have been the last 50 years, helps define who we will be in the next.

Too often though, event professionals are kept behind the scenes, their stories hidden. Today, we want to change that and make #eventprofs the main character of MPI’s story, and their own.

What is Main Character Energy? It’s a popular term for being the protagonist of your own life, the hero of your own story. As we close out the year, conclude your journey inward by reaching your destination – you.

Join us as we feature the stories of our community, hear about their own journeys, and learn about the dynamic and complex identities that create the story of our industry and of MPI.