MPI Announces New Credentialing Initiatives to Increase Industry Professional Standards

MPI Announces New Credentialing Initiatives to Increase Industry Professional Standards

DALLAS (June 7, 2022) Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the world's largest industry association for meeting and event professionals, is excited to unveil an array of new initiatives that will help establish standards of excellence in the industry.

MPI + Badgr | Digital Credentialing Platform

The broadest of these initiatives is the debut of the MPI Academy’s digital badging and credentialing platform, powered by Badgr. The only credentialing platform with stackable learning pathways and shareable learner records, Badgr continues to be a “pioneer in creating new connections between education and the workforce,” through the use of digital badges which are “remarkable for their ability to recognize achievements of any type or complexity.”

Using Badgr, MPI Academy course attendees will be able to add badges to an online portfolio or resume, display them on LinkedIn, or share them on social media to convey their skills and certifications. In essence, individuals can build a living transcript of their MPI professional development education.

Nancy Snowden, Lead Manager of Educational Experiences shares, “Digital badging is a way for us to communicate value to course attendees by providing visual recognition and verification of the skills and tools they have acquired by taking one of our courses and allows them to better articulate the value proposition of these educational opportunities to critical stakeholders and peers. We are so excited to be able to provide this service for attendees who purchase a course starting in June 2022.”

Additionally, the Badgr platform ensures that any badges course participants have from other issuing organizations can all live in one single place, making it easier for individuals to keep track of the hard work and investment they made.

For individuals who purchased a course prior to June 2022, the MPI Academy is working on an outreach program to offer special pricing so that participants can ensure their MPI Academy verified courses offer a digital badge they can display. To view available badges, visit the digital credential store here. 

Emerging Meeting Professional (EMP) Designation

MPI believes that emerging professionals are one of the most crucial assets to the future of our industry. Because of this, MPI has developed a designation that differentiates and elevates emerging professionals who want to set themselves apart when seeking employment.

Individuals with the EMP designation signify that they possess mindsets indicative of the realities and competencies that make a meeting professional successful. What is special about this designation is that it does not only apply to college students of a certain age.

Historically, emerging professionals were largely designated as juniors or seniors in college, creating barriers to access and recognition for professionals from non-traditional education paths such as adult learners, as well as those who have transferred from another industry during the “great reshuffling” of 2022. Whether the individual is a Junior or Senior in college or changing career paths, those who have 0-3 years of meetings industry experience will be provided with an opportunity to learn critical skills education employers are looking for.

The cost of becoming an EMP designee is $100 and includes a one-year student membership opportunity for those who are junior or seniors in college. Or, applicants who have 0-3 years of experience and fall into one of the other emerging professional categories, can opt for a special emerging professional membership rate. For $250 you can apply to be an EMP designee, and receive a preferred level membership (valued at $385) for a full year.

Additionally, designees receive a digital badge, certificate of verification, recognition at the annual World Education Congress (WEC), as well as inclusion in an online directory of designees.

Contact the MPI Academy at to learn more apply today to earn this first-of-its-kind designation. 


MPI Certified University Endorsement Program

Derived from extensive research, the MPI Certified program helps colleges and universities evaluate their overall effectiveness and align their curricular models to best practice industry standards. MPI Certified endorsed programs will prepare graduates to enter the workforce with a set of specialized and critical skills, mitigating against automation in the meeting and events business sector. Future employers will have the confidence that graduates of MPI Certified programs are highly qualified and ready to face the workforce demands of today and tomorrow.

For more information on how your college or university can become MPI Certified, contact for a 1:1 consultation. 

CMP Academy Study Skills Program

The MPI Academy is also launching its brand new CMP Academy study skills program, aimed at supporting prospective CMP candidates in charting their own study path before sitting for the exam. A preferred provider of the Events Industry Council (EIC) and long-time advocate for the Certified Meeting Professional designation, MPI is thrilled to provide a wide variety of education and resources to support its members and the larger meeting and events community in this professional development endeavor.

Unlike many study programs for comprehensive exams, MPI’s CMP Academy does not aim to create a one-size-fits-all learner experience. Instead, with the guidance of an expert educator, the CMP Academy strives to create an environment where learners can identify their skill and knowledge gaps and apply proven learning methods and tactics to prepare for the exam.

Nick Estrada, CAE, CMP, the instructor for the new CMP Academy course shares that, “Many people think that before they sit for the exam, they must choose a singular way to prepare, and I feel that is a common misnomer that does more harm than good. It is about knowing what resources exist, how to use them, and most importantly, which ones are the best for your learning style.”

Additionally, Nick works to take the pressure off CMP hopefuls adding, “Sitting for the exam is daunting, but the additional pressure prospective designees put on themselves to take the test perfectly adds an additional layer of stress.” Furthermore, Nick shares, “This exam is about proficiency, not perfection. I want to help learners figure out how they can implement study skills and tactics that not only resonate with their learning style, but also take the pressure of perfection off the table.”

Learn how to chart a CMP Study Path and register for the next offering of the CMP Academy here.

HMCC Verified Venues

Venues need to know how to sell and host meetings within the healthcare industry to remain relevant within this flourishing industry sector. However, medical meetings’ criteria differ dramatically from other industry meetings due to the unique regulatory practices of each country. Because of this, MPI has launched the HMCC Verified Venues (HMCC-VV) designation initiative to provide hotel and venue partners with a credential that will allow them to not only remain competitive in a rapidly expanding marketplace but also obtain a succinct and efficient way of representing how they can meet the detailed needs of their prospective clients.

Beta-tested with long-time partner Marina Bay Sands, the first HMCC Verified Venue, the designation program is comprised of eleven individual standards that venues are evaluated on to determine their alignment with the best practice standards of healthcare meetings. The venue applying must earn at least 50/65 total possible points to be awarded the HMCC-VV designation. Once awarded, applicants are provided with numerous beneficial opportunities to help showcase their specialty in healthcare meetings and connect them with medical meeting professionals.

Contact the MPI Academy at or click here for more information on the HMCC-Verified Venues program.  

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