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Women dominate the meetings industry, representing somewhere between 70%-80% of the total workforce. However, women remain a minority in terms of executive leadership and have yet to achieve gender pay equity.

Members of the MPI Women's Community enjoy specialized education designed to help them fulfill their career potential and which is focused on actionable next steps women and their allies can take to raise awareness, and help close the leadership and pay gaps that currently exist.


Community Advisory Board Members: 

Nicole Doebrich
Shannon Ashley


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Who is Eligible to Join?


Although the education and social activities for the MPI Women’s Community are designed to educate and empower women and women-identifying MPI Members, men and male-identifying MPI Members are welcome to join MPI Women community as allies. MPI Women is an inclusive community because we want to eradicate gender-based crimes, ageism, bias and discrimination in our industry. That means we need cooperation from 100% of the population.

Additional Education and Community Resources

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Women In Leadership

Women In Leadership

Discover the necessary skills to be considered for executive leadership roles.

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CMM Certificate in Meeting Management

Certificate in Meeting Management

Earning your CMM shows the world that you are a strategic thinker ready to assume a leadership role in this industry.

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Inclusive Event Strategist

Inclusive Event Strategist

Discover how to keep a strategy of inclusion at the center of your event’s design and execution. 

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COVID-19 has lifted the rug once again on global gender inequality, as women pivot in a pandemic that disproportionately impacts them, according to data gathered by the World Economic Forum.
We can’t wait to safely meet in person again, but in the meantime, let’s get creative, virtually, and foster that connection we are all yearning for by drawing!
Meeting Professionals International Women’s Advisory Board is making waves in the event industry.

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