Student-in-Transition Program



Graduating Student Members: This special plan is to allow you to grow incrementally from your current student membership rate to the full membership rate over a period of three years. We understand the relationships you build and the knowledge you gain as you enter the meeting and event industry are critical for your success, and we want to be there for you.

If you have recently graduated and your MPI student membership is about to expire, you can take advantage of this special program. Here is the membership renewal fee scale for you going forward:


Student-in-Transition StageCanada/ U.S. RatesEU Rates
Student MemberCAD/USD $40€40 Euro
Student-in-Transition Stage 1 – 1st YearCAD/USD  $75€75 Euro
Student-in-Transition Stage 2 – 2nd YearCAD/USD  $150€150 Euro
Student-in-Transition Stage 3 – 3rd YearCAD/USD  $250€250 Euro
Full Member PlannerCAD/USD  $385€345 Euro
Full Member Supplier CAD/USD  $505€455 Euro




How do I qualify to be part of the Student-in-Transition plan?
To be a part of the Student-in-Transition plan you first have to be an MPI Student member in good standing. After you graduate and your membership is up for renewal you choose to be either a Planner or Supplier member. During the renewal process you contact MPI Member care and let them know that you would like to be part of the Student-in-Transition plan.

Students enrolled in a certificate program are eligible for student membership for one year but are not eligible for the transition dues rate upon completion of their program.


May I first join the Student-in-Transition plan before becoming a full member?
No, you have to be an MPI Student member in good standing to be able to move into the Student-in-Transition plan once you graduate and your student membership is set to renew as a full membership.


What is the difference between the Full Membership and this Student-in-Transition plan?
There is no difference in the privileges since a Student-in-Transition is essentially a Full Member on a special rate plan because they have recently graduated from a post-secondary educational program (Undergraduate or Graduate).


How do I renew my membership under this new Student in Transition Rate Plan?
To renew your membership at the special transition rate, contact the MPI Membership Team at:

Phone Toll Free: 866-318-2743