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Human Trafficking Awareness & Response Chapter Event Guide


Human Trafficking can - and does - occur in many settings all over the world, but we know that there is a huge uptick in human trafficking activity at large events. As Meeting Professionals, we have the responsibility to be vigilant in ensuring that our events are safe for all attendees and for our community.

You can be the difference.

Take a concrete step today by conducting a Human Trafficking Awareness & Response Training.


Here's How:



1 - Choose Your Date & Venue and Invite Speakers



6 weeks from your meeting, your date and venue should be finalized. You can then begin to recruit exciting speakers for a panel discussion on the warning signs of human trafficking and how your membership can respond properly at their events. 

Look at your community - who is already doing the work to combat human trafficking? Activists, lawyers, law enforcement? Those people will be the best additions to your panel.

Your venue and speakers should get your membership excited to attend your training.

See our guide for tips and tricks on how to recruit great speakers.



2 - Announce Your Event



Follow the email and social media calendar in the meeting guide to announce and market your meeting. 

Use our example graphics on your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to let your members and your community know that we as meeting professionals are committed to fighting human trafficking at our events and venues.



3 - Host Your Event



Use the meeting guide to help prepare for your meeting and create your run of show. Have questions prepared for your panelists, and make sure your members get the chance to ask any questions that are pertinent to their events and venues.

Most importantly, know that you are taking a very important step by giving your members the tools they need to host safer events for their attendees and their communities.  

By hosting this training, you are making a difference.