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Share yours with us.


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MPI 50th Anniversary: Powered by Branson, MO

MPI is turning 50.
YOU helped make it happen.

That's why we want to hear YOUR stories about your MPI experience and what MPI means to you.

Simply share your story by submitting a brief video that’s no longer than two minutes. It’s as easy as that. We would like a range of stories—short video testimonials, memories, success stories or recollections on how MPI has impacted your life for the better.

Once you record the video, use the button below to submit. Need some help? Get some tips here.


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Once submitted, the video will be reviewed by our 50th Anniversary committee for content before posted. If approved, it will be showcased for the world to see right here on the 50th website and throughout social media.

Questions? Send us an email at mpi50@mpi.org.